Cacik Recipe

Cacik Recipe

In Turkish “cacik” means very green and fresh. Cucumber is the main vegetable for this dish. The more fresh cucumber, the better.  This is a kind of side dish served mainly with pilaf. It may also be a delicious appetizer for your drink.
As mothers are very creative with the ingredients in their kitchen, there are some different versions of cacik. If you don’t have cucumber in your kitchen and if you don’t feel like going out to buy some, you may use lettuce or green pepper instead.


•    2 cups yogurt (if you have strained yogurt, it’s better)
•    1/2 cup water
•    2 cucumbers, diced
•    4 cloves garlic,mashed
•    Salt
•    Dried mint or fresh dill

Put yogurt in a bowl and mix it with a spoon. Pour water in it, keep mixing. Add garlic, salt and diced cucumber, mix it again.

You may balance the amount of water and yogurt depending on your taste. Thickness of cacik is originally like soup. But if you want it thicker, add less water.

Finally add dried mint and/or finely chopped fresh dill. That’s it!

Cacik Recipe


  1. says

    A healthy and refreshing appetizer…never tasted both yogurt and cucumber all together 😉
    I’d try the cacik soon to know this particular and neat flavor!



  2. Jae Blakney says

    Made this once and it was so delicious! Went well with Buffalo wings. Now we’re in the Dominican Republic. It’s so hot here that it’s hard to eat hot food and we are craving creamy-cold cacik. If we can find plain yogurt anywhere, we’ll make it.

  3. kaia says

    thanks for this recipe! made it and it was deelicious. also added a dash of black pepper and bit of lemon juice and olive oil. thanks again!

  4. says

    This has always been one of my 2 1/2 year old daughter’s favorites! BUT, my adaptation is to keep it thick so it is less messy for a toddler (and me!) to eat. I use about 1 cup thick, strained yogurt, 1 or 2 pressed garlic cloves (depending on size), salt and dried or fresh chopped mint, and one peeled and finely chopped little “perisan” or “japanese” cucumber (the small, slender ones that aren’t as watery or seedy as typical cucumbers for sale here in the US ) –either from the international market or a young “Tendergreen” variety from my own garden (a young “burpless” variety of homegrown cucumber is similar to the exotic types), Walmart has started selling a 6 pack of “gourmet” cucumbers for $2.50 which is very suitable and which I used today, since my cucumbers aren’t bearing yet. It is more of a cucumber salad than a cold soup for me. But the taste is fantastic! It is also a good dip for vegetables!


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