Green Olive Salad For Breakfast

Green Olive Salad For Breakfast

You already know how I love breakfast and preparing different dishes for it. My parents are living in Tarsus, where there are huge olive orchards, so we are very lucky as they always bring us green and black olives. Mom prepares them separately in summer. And my favorite is green one.

At first these green olives are bitter, so you should maket hem sweet. After picking the green olives from trees, mom cracks them (some people prefer scratching instead) and put them in jars full of water. To make these olives sweet, she changes the water in jars everyday for a week. After they become sweet enough, she takes them in small jars with olive oil, lemon juice and thyme.  And they are ready for breakfast. When we want something different for breakfast, we make green olive salad.

Yesil Zeytin Salatasi


•    1 cup green olive (seeds discarded)
•    1 onion
•    1 scallion
•    A few leaves of parsley
•    1 lemon
•    1 tomato
•    1 tsp sumac
•    1 tbsp olive oil
•    1 tbsp pomegranate molasses

Start with chopping the onion and rub it with sumac and but it ina bowl. Sumac gives a sour flavor to it and it really adds a lot to its taste. If you still haven’t tried it yet, this recipe can be a good start. And it’s better to rub the diced onion with sumac than just sprinkling it on the salad.

Chop tomato, scallion and parsley. Add them in the bowl. Add green olives and mix. Squeeze one lemon on it. Now take it on a service plate and drop olive oil and pomegranate molasses on the salad. If you are still one of those who don’t like having breakfast, I’m sure you will if you try this appetizing salad.

Green Olive Salad For Breakfast


  1. says

    Olives and pomegranate molasses sound like an inspired combination, can’t want to try it!

  2. says

    MMMM…this salas is healthy & looks so good to eat at lunch! But as breakfast?!? The most important thing is: that you love it!!

  3. says

    This sounds delicious! But I’m most intrigued by the concepts of breakfast that different cultures hold. I’ve seen typical Malaysian breakfast dishes appear as lunch or dinner items on American menus because the components align more closely to those meal times. I should try something like this for breakfast, just to change things up!

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    salad for breakfast…?i have never eaten green oliv or pomegranate molasses…so this one is totally new to me…

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    I have some pomegranate molasses but I really need to try and find some sumac. I’ve seen so many references to it lately, I really am going to have to get some and try it (maybe starting with this salad!).

  6. says

    I love olives, and I LOVE salad for Breakfast. It does sound crazy, but it’s fun and delicious to start your day with something green.

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    It is really cold here where I live, and for breakfast I am having oatmeal and a cup of tea in front of the computer. Then I saw this picture of green olives salad and my mouth is watering. I have to have it for lunch today. Thank you for your recipes, I am glad my husband doesn’t know about your blog, if he ever does, he will ask me to cook every single one of your recipes, especially the main dishes.

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    Never tried olives in this way for breakfast. I used to include olives in sandwich or in burger only. Really wonder. A good trial. I wish to add cooked macroni along with it!!

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    I am totally on the lookout for sumac ! I haven’t been able to find it here yet but will make this salad again once I am able to !!


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