Best Skinny Zucchini Casserole

SKINNIEST yet YUMMIEST zucchini recipe. Forget all the zucchini recipes you know! This one is so GOOD that my vegetable hater hubby gobbles it whenever I make it. -

Best Skinny Zucchini Casserole will make you forget about all other zucchini recipes. Do you hate zucchini? You’ll have to change your mind after trying this super yummy casserole. You will be surprised by the simplicity of the recipe and the very tasty result. You won’t believe this is a … [Read More...]

4-ingredient no-cook pudding.Vegan and glutenfree Peach Chia Pudding with almond milk. The healthiest pudding ever!-

Peach Chia Pudding

Peach Chia Pudding is probably the healthiest sweet treat in summer that tastes really yummy. Peach is one of my favorite fruit and I love it as a snack when I crave for something sweet. So I love to use it in puddings too. It gives an amazing refreshment and sweetness to the pudding if… 

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This Skinny Herb Lemon Chicken recipe is not a boring one. Very moist and bursting with flavors. Mom finds it even better than hers! -

Skinny Herb Lemon Chicken

Skinny Herb Lemon Chicken blows your mind with its flavors and juiciness. The lemon flavor is accompanied with garlic and herbs such as parsley, green onion and dried thyme and chili powder. You will be surprised how easy to make it. This is so GOOD that you don’t need extra chicken stock, heavy cream or… 

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This Homemade Pizza Sauce will become your number one sauce and you will use it with pizza, pasta or toasts. You'll never buy it from store again! -

Homemade Pizza Sauce

Homemade Pizza Sauce will simply become your ultimate sauce in your kitchen and you will use it not only for pizza, but you will also want to use it in pasta or even toasts or sandwiches. It is so easy yet flavorsome that you will never want to use the store-bought version.

Top your avocado toasts with some fresh cherries and enjoy the easiest yet yummiest breakfast ever! -

Fresh Cherry Avocado Toasts

Fresh Cherry Avocado Toasts will definitely fancy your breakfast. It is ridiculously easy to make these, so you will never feel lazy to prepare something in the morning. Unlike hundreds of other avocado toasts around the web, these are not savory. Their sweetness comes from fesh cherries and a little honey drizzled over them. The… 

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You will never bother stuffing zucchini again once you try this Unstuffed Zucchini Casserole. Same taste with same ingredients yet with less work and shorter time! This is our kid’s all time favorite meal. –

Unstuffed Zucchini Casserole

Unstuffed Zucchini Casserole makes an easy and quick meal. If you like stuffed zuchhini but don’t want to waste time scooping out the pulp, this recipe is what you need. You can definitely feel the same taste with the same ingredients yet with less work. And you can easily turn it into a crowd pleaser… 

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The EASIEST peach cobbler ever! You can serve it almost like a pie. A real foolproof recipe! This will be your ultimate cobbler recipe to use with any fruit. -

Easy Peach Cobbler

Easy Peach Cobbler is the best thing ever that you can make with fresh peaches, which are abundant in this season. They are one of my favorite fruit and I love the feeling of refreshment given by chilled juicy and ripe peaches, perfect snack on a hot day. What is even better than the fruit… 

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Black Beans and Avocado Toasts. FAST, tasty and nutritious. Perfect on-the-go breakfast! -

Black Beans and Avocado Toasts

Black Beans and Avocado Toasts make quick and healthy breakfast or lunch for busy weekdays. These toasts are simply topped with mashed avocado, boiled black beans, chopped green onions, sea salt and lime juice. You need just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare these amazingly tasty toasts. Fast, nutritious and very flavorful!

This is the BEST Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Wonderfully moist and chocolaty. You can't understand it's vegan or it has zucchini. -

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bread could definitely be served as a special occasion cake when topped with a wonderful lemon glaze and garnished with fresh raspberries. This is such a wonderful chocolate cake that nobody can realize it’s completely vegan and has zucchini inside. Intrigued? Keep reading then to learn more about this almost healthy chocolate… 

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Hot Cheesy Corn Dip is super easy with just 5 ingredients. Prepared just in 5 min. So GOOD that everyone wants to eat the whole thing! -

Hot Cheesy Corn Dip

Hot Cheesy Corn Dip is out of this world. It takes you to heaven right after the first bite. You will become the star of parties with this amazingly easy and addictively tasty corn dish. Everyone will be willing to get in line to learn the recipe from you. This dip is that GOOD! If… 

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25+ Best Zucchini Recipes

25+ Best Zucchini Recipes from around the web are all must make recipes in this season. Summer is the time when you see zucchini everywhere, so you always need good zucchini recipes to serve various dishes to your family. If you have a yard full of zucchini and don’t know what to make with all of… 

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