Apple Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Apple Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting | | #applecupcakes

Apple Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting can turn an ordinary fall day into a party like event. These are flavored with a little ginger, loaded with chunks of tangy green apples and topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting and lovely sprinkles. Did I tell you before how much I love sprinkles? They make everything even more beautiful. Grab one or two or more of these very apple-y cupcakes, take a blanket and lie down on the coach to watch your favorite movie. Make sure you have your coffee on the coffee table next to you. Now this is happiness…. 

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Tangy Tomato and Corn Salsa | | #salsa #corn #tomato #dip #sumac #tangy #healthy

Tangy Tomato and Corn Salsa

We are almost at the end of summer and I can’t believe how I haven’t shared this Tangy Tomato and Corn Salsa yet. This salsa is one of the best summer recipes and we make it a few times in a week. We love to have this salsa in two ways. We sometimes have it… 

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Honeyed Figs with Cheese | | #fig #figrecipes #summerdesserts #easydessert #healthydessert

Honeyed Figs with Cheese

These are the first figs I’ve bought this summer and I’m really excited to make this very easy dessert, Honeyed Figs with Cheese with them. Figs are one of my favorite fruit, maybe the most favorite and I start to count down for the fig season just as the summer begins. We can see figs… 

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Creamy Caprese Pasta | | #pasta #mozzarella #creamypasta #cheesypasta

Creamy Caprese Pasta

Don’t you think the word ‘creamy’ is tempting on its own? It may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but I’m sure everyone agrees on that if something is creamy, there is no doubt it is super tasty. This Creamy Caprese Pasta is no exception. This is one of the best pasta dishes… 

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Sticky Chicken Wings | | #chicken #chickenwings

Sticky Chicken Wings

If you love eating chicken off the bone, licking your fingers ignoring table etiquette, you will LOVE these sweet-savory Sticky Chicken Wings. Some people find it disgusting and they prefer their chicken boneless, sorry but I’m not that kind. When it comes to meat of any kind, I don’t think fork and knife are required…. 

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Crustless Zucchini Pie | | #pie #zucchini #glutenfree #sweetcorn #savory

Crustless Zucchini Pie

I’m still trying to make as many recipes with zucchini as I can before summer ends and here is another real hit with this amazingly healthy summer vegetable: Crustless Zucchini Pie. If you are craving for something sweet, you should check my Chocolate and Yogurt Zucchini Bread, but if you are after a savory treat,… 

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Chocolate and Yogurt Zucchini Bread | | #bread #cake #chocolate #zucchini

Chocolate and Yogurt Zucchini Bread

This Chocolate and Yogurt Zucchini Bread is so moist and rich that I could even call them zucchini brownies in loaf shape. The best thing about this bread for chocolate bread lovers is that it’s guilt-free beacause it is made with yogurt, which helps the moistness and a little olive oil. And it definitely has… 

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Pistachio Pesto Hummus | | #hummus #dip #pesto #chickpeas

Pistachio Pesto Hummus

Pistachio Pesto Hummus is an amazing combination of traditional hummus and a nutty tangy fragrant pesto. This is one of the best recipes I’ve ever made because we have two mouthwatering foods mingled together. I don’t know if hummus is commonly paired with pesto, but you should definitely take it on your list to use… 

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Pistachio Spinach Basil Pesto | | #pesto #basil #spinach #basil #pistachio #sauce

Pistachio Spinach Basil Pesto

Wouldn’t it be great if you always have a jar of pesto in the fridge? You can use it any time you want this way. I know pesto is originally made with pine nuts but I wanted to make it with pistachio, which is one of my favorite nuts. Also, I thought it complements that… 

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Feta Quinoa Zucchini Fritters | | #fritters #zucchini #quinoa #healthy

Feta Quinoa Zucchini Fritters

Let me introduce my new favorite ingredient these days: Quinoa. I can’t believe how I spent all those years without tasting quinoa. Feta Quinoa Zucchini Fritters are my first experiment with these cute seeds. Are they seeds? Not sure, but they do like seeds of a plant. I absolutely LOVE them! Unless bulgur, rice or… 

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Chocolate Fudge Yogurt Cookies | | #chocolate #greekyogurt #cookies

Chocolate Fudge Yogurt Cookies

Chocolate Fudge Yogurt Cookies are definitely guilt-free since they don’t have butter or any kind of oil. Yes, no butter or oil in these cookies! Do you think these are dry and crumbly as a result? You have to give these a try to see how these are super fudgy and moist! After making no… 

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