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It is always healthier to make something at home and yogurt is not an exception! To make your own yogurt is so easy when you know the necessary tips, and it just needs time. However, people don’t bother making their yogurt these days, they just buy it from grocery. Women don’t think of making yogurt until they are pregnant or have a baby. I was very lucky as a child because I don’t remember a single time when mom bought it from grocery. Actually, it wasn’t that common about 20 years ago in Turkey, so moms would always make yogurt at home. Mom didn’t give up making yogurt even after markets started to sell it. As a lifetime learner in kitchen, I absolutely owe her a lot. I’ve been making yogurt since she taught me how. Before taking about the tips, I want to share a tradition we had when packaged yogurt wasn’t yet on the market. To make yogurt, you need a starter (a little yogurt to mix with milk). I remember moms send their children to a neighbor to ask for the starter when they ran out of yogurt. As a child I did it too, but not very often as my mom was such a wise woman that she would always save a little yogurt to use as a starter before we finished it up. Moms would give their children an empty tea glass (little one) and send them to a neighbor. They would use that small tea glass meaning that they needed just little. They would ring their neighbor’s door and say “Mom asks if you could borrow a little yogurt as a starter?” giving the empty glass. And the neighbor would glady take the glass and fill it with yogurt. Nice tradition, isn’t it? Maybe it still lives in small places.

How to make yogurt. So easy to make when you follow these tips! | giverecipe.com

We need some tips to reach perfection!

  • Don’t take milk from stove just when it boils. Keep boiling it for about 15 minutes to have thicker yogurt.
  • To understand whether milk reaches the right temperature, use your finger if you don’t have a thermometer. dip your finger into hot milk, if your finger can bear its heat inside for some seonds (not more), it’s ok. It mustn’t be too hot or less hot than necessary. If it is too hot, you will get a sourish yogurt and if it doesn’t reach the right heat, it takes longer time to get the result.
  • Wait the milk-yogurt at the warmest place of your home. Take the pot with hot milk to this place and wait it here to reach the right temperature. It warms this place at the same time, which is a necessary step for thick yogurt.
  • Put a thick blanket or under the pot (one of your pullowers will work just fine for this, its arms can hug the pot to protect it from cold). And then mix it with the starter in the way explained above. You can pour it into jars at this step if you like.
  • Put the lid on the pot, but don’t cover it completely as your milk-yogurt needs some air inside. You can even use a suitable colander instead of its lid. This will help evaporation and yogurt will not be watery.
  • Then cover the pot with another blanket very well. Don’t forget we must protect it from cold.
  • Wait it about 3 hours in summer when it is very hot, and at least 6 hours in Winter. Check it after this given time and if it is still not thick enough, keep waiting for some more hours.
  • Uncover it completely and wait it for 1 or 2 hours even without the lid.
  • Gently place it refrigerator and wait it there for a day to have a better result.
  • You can place paper towel on the surface of yogurt if it’s still so watery. These will absorb excessive water in it. You can throw the paper towel away and put a new one each time you take yogurt from the pot.

So how can we make perfect homemade yogurt?

Homemade Yogurt
Homemade yogurt is the best!
  • 1 liter milk
  • 1 tbsp yogurt, as a starter
  1. Basicly boil milk in a pot.
  2. After taking it from stove, let it reach the right temperature (about 45 C).
  3. Put 1 tbsp yogurt in a small bowl. Mix it with a few ladles of hot milk until smooth and pour it into hot milk. Mix well.
  4. Take the pot to a warm place. Cover the pot with a thick blanket to protect it from cold.
  5. Wait it for 6 hours, uncover it wait for about an hour and then put it into refrigerator.
  6. Wait it there for about at least 6 hours (24 hours is the best) and then you can enjoy this delicious homemade yogurt.
Nutrition Information
5 bowls


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Making yogurt is another item on my bucket list I’ve yet to get to. Thanks for this Zerrin.

  2. Cheryl and Adam @ pictureperfectmeals.com says

    Love yogurt and this looks so inviting! Have to try this. Thanks!

  3. Kate @ Diethood.com says

    I love my homemade yogurt – I make it all the time. I don’t remember the last time I bought it, and if I did buy it, it was because I needed a few tablespoons to make more. :) Great tips!

  4. says

    I have been wanting to make homemade yogurt for a long time. Thanks for the reminder of how easy and worthwhile it can be!

  5. says

    I’ve always heard about making ones own yogurt, but have never tasted homemade or tried to make it. You’ve made it sounds so easy here, I’m really tempted to give this a shot! Nicely done!

  6. says

    I used to make my own yogurt all the time, but for some reason got out of the habit. Thanks for the little nudge to start up this wonderful habit again.

  7. megi says

    We have been making our own yogurt for ten years now and the taste and texture far so superior of the store bought one. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  8. says

    Homemade yogurt is the best! To make sure that my yogurt-milk mix is warm and cozy, I always put the pot into a cooler filled with warm water and then place the cooler away from curious eyes 😉 Thank you for sharing Zerrin :)

  9. says

    Yogurt is something I have always wanted to try to make. Just this morning one of my daughters was complaining about how sweet the yogurt is in the US. We are used to a more tart yogurt. I have bookmarked this and will try it soon. Thanks!

  10. says

    My husband tried to make it once, but it didnt come out well :)) don’t know what was the mistake, but after that we didn’t try anymore :))

  11. says

    I had a yoghurt maker with loads of fiddly little pots that was more trouble than it was worth. You remind me that yoghurt making doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s a lovely story about the neighbourliness of passing on the yoghurt starter.

  12. says

    Very interesting! I am a yogurt fanatic. i like to have it almost every day for breakfast. I imagined this to be a much more difficult process, I have almost no excuse to make it!

  13. OysterCulture says

    Homemade yogurt is the best and I must try your version soon so I can claim to make Turkish yogurt.

  14. says

    I always have homemade yogurt in the fridge. Once you made your own, you never go back. And it just gets thicker and thicker as you use your own starter from the last batch each time. I love it.

  15. foodieforager says

    I have been making lots of cheese at home over the last month….but need to try yogurt. Thanks!

  16. says

    I definitely need to start making my own yogurt! We go through so much of it and I’m sure it would be so much better homemade!

  17. says

    Zerrin, I cannot tell you how long I have waited for someone to tell me how to make my own yoghurt. Thank you!! :) I’ve asked so many people and they just say, ‘Oh, it’s easy, I’ll ask my mum’ but then they never actually tell me how to do it. Maybe they want to keep it a secret. :) I can’t wait to make this and I’ll let you know how we get one with it. Excited now.

  18. The Mom Chef says

    My mom ALWAYS had a bowl covered in a blue, white and pink towel on the counter with the next batch of yogurt going. We loved it so much as children. I’m embarrassed to say that I have yet to make it myself. I need to do this. Thank you for the instructions and the nudge!

  19. Marieke says

    Thank you for the recipe! I have been living in Turkey for two years now (I’m from the Netherlands) and am now in the process of making home-made yoghurt for the first time. Now I am waiting for the milk to cool down. I wasn’t sure what to do with the layer on the surface of the hot milk. My guess was to remove it, or would you suggest to leave it there? I can’t wait to taste the result!

    • says

      Oh that’s nice! Which city are you living in? Isn’t it a great feeling to make your own yogurt? If you want to make low fat yogurt, it’s good to remove that layer on the surface of milk. You can leave it there if you want it full-fat. Hope you love your first homemade yogurt. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

      • Marieke says

        Hi Zerrin,

        Thanks for your reply! Maybe I should leave the layer there next time then, because I like it creamy :) It is very nice to make it indeed. It’s difficult to be patient though, I feel like checking it every half an hour!
        I live in Izmir by the way. Next year I might spend some months in your city, Eskisehir, as part of my phd research. I have never been there, but look forward to explore a new city in Turkey.

        • says

          Yes, the hardest part for me, when making yogurt is to wait for hours! But I know I must leave it alone.
          I’ve been to Izmir a few times. It’s a very nice city to live in. Are you going to come to Eskisehir? It’s great news! I’m sure you will love my city. The energy of thousands of university students always makes this city active. It just lacks sea. Let me know when you come. Would love to help you explore Eskisehir!

  20. says

    Great recipe!

    I left the starter in the freezer and now that I am ready to make a new batch I noticed the starter has lost its yogurt consistency, it is more liquid, like milk.

    Will it still work?

    Thanks for your input!

  21. Linda says

    Can this be done with soy or coconut milk and yogurt the same way?


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