Pumpkin Dessert

Pumpkin Dessert

I love dessert of any kind and we have always a kind of dessert in our kitchen. Coming home from work, I brew some tea and take a piece of dessert (of the day) on a plate to forget all my tiredness. We made this pumpkin dessert so often as it’s very easy and light in calories. Crumbled walnut, pistachio or a little cream could be added on its top. You see in the picture  at the bottom how it’s tempting at our open market. And we are lucky enough to get them sliced and chopped there.

Kabak Tatlisi

•    1 kg pumpkin
•    600g sugar

Slice the pumpkin in the size you like. Wash them well and clean their seeds and chop them big. If you have the opportunity, you can buy it chopped. Put them in a large pot by adding sugar between each line. Put its lid on and wait it for one night, at least 6 hours. During this time, pumpkin pieces release their juice, so we don’t need to add extra water while boiling it.

After a night, put the pot on the medium heat and boil the pumpkin pieces until they get soft. Bring it to boil a few times without the lid on. In this way, the syrup of it will be denser. Then let it cool in the same pot. Do not take them on a service plate while they are still hot as they can get crumbled. After they are cold enough, wait it in refrigerator for a while. Then serve it cold. If you like, you can garnish it with some pistachio, walnut or coconut.


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    Go right ahead;)

    This looks delicious!! So maybe I should say, go right ahead as long as I can do the same to this ; )

  2. says

    It can’t be any more simple than 2 ingredients! I had never thought to let it rest overnight so that the natural moisture of the pumpkin formed a sauce of sorts. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan but perhaps it’s because I’ve had it mixed with all sorts of pie spices. This is worth trying!

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    I love this kind of desserts very much. In Thailand we do similar things to many root vegetables and fruits like banana. Thank you for this recipe, I would love to try it!

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    This is so simple to make but it looks fantastic. I hardly ever get pumpkin but I will try to get some to make this.

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    Just like mother-in-law makes it! I first ate this deliciousness after I got married and got addicted :) Thank you for sharing!!!

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