Potato Puree

Potato Puree

Among all vegetables, potato is on the top of the consumption list in Turkey. As potato has a wide range of growth in various regions of Turkey, it’s the cheapest vegetable. That’s the reason for its fame. You can’t find a kitchen in Turkey without potato. It’s the main ingredient of Turkish kitchen. At our outdoor markets, onion and potato are always together on counters because onion is the second most popular vegetable in our country. Growers generally grow these two together and onion is as cheap as potato here.

And it’s an indispensable vegetable of my kitchen. I mostly make its puree and soup, sometimes its salad. Among these, my dear husband and I are so fond of potato puree (mashed potato) that we can eat it at any time. We prefer eating it as a side dish with any meat or chicken dish. Rather than spreading ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise on meat/ chicken, we prefer potato puree. We think it is healthier. In addition to being a side dish, potato puree also serves to us as a kind of snack. I must say that I’m eating this delicious thing right now while writing about it.

Most people know how to make potato puree, but anyway, I want to give my recipe for those who still do not know.

Patates Pure
•    3 middle potatoes
•    2 tbsp butter
•    3 tsp salt
•    1 ½ cup milk (if you like it thicker, add less)
•    ½ cup grated yellow cheese

You will see how easy it is to reward yourself when you come home from work  when you try this recipe.

Boil the potatoes until they are soft. You can check it with a fork if they are soft enough or not. Do not let them cold. This is very important beacuse if they are cold, butter don’t melt when you add.

Then peel them and divide them into big pieces with a fork. Now grab blender and mash them until smooth. Add butter and grated cheese when they are still hot. Go on mixing and add milk and salt. You can decide the amount of these according to your taste. After the mixture is smooth, taste it and if you want it to be more milky, add more.  And serve it with any dish you like.

Potato Puree


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    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am glad I found yours and will be back! I’m looking forward to reading future posts.

  2. says

    Natasha – I know you love cheese just like me, so this recipe is just for us.

    Joie de vivre – Thank you for your comment. I loved your blog, you’ve yummy recipes. I’m sure we’ll share more.

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    Never would have thought of this as a movie watching snack but it sounds different and delicious!

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    I love mash with cheese, not had it for ages. Never thought to blog it either, thanks for the reminder, must have it again soon.

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