Apple Compote

Apple Compote

In Turkish cuisine, we have a variety of components in courses. If we have a main dish with meat, chicken or vegetable, we have one kind of pilaf or pasta near them. But it doens’t end here, we also have cacik or yogurt, a kind of salad, or greens such as parsley, garden cress, dill, arugula or scallion, or a kind of compote. You can guess how crowded our dinner table is.

Last night, I realized that we had two apples left and they were about to go bad, but they were still resisting. I decided to make compote from these apples without hesitation.

Compote is a kind of light dessert that you can have with pilaf, pasta or after meal (my husband also loves it near some soups, chickpeas or beans). Compote is made from fresh or dried fruits, both are delicious and healthy. It helps digestion system and doctors advise it to those having problems with liver.

We generally prefer to have it cold, that’s why I make it at night to make it ready for the following day. If you don’t want your children so much coke, compote may also be a good alternative for it in summer. But if you like, you can also have it warm.

Elma Kompostosu

•    2 apples
•    2 cups water
•    5 tbsp sugar (if you like it more sweety, you can add more)

Mix water and sugar in a pot and boil it.

Peel the apples, discard the seeds and slice.

Add apple slices into boiling water and boil them until they get they get tender. Then let it cool and put it in refrigerator.

Tip: If you put the apple slices in water at the beginning and then start to boil, apples will be mashed. So you should boil the water first, and then add the apples or other soft fruits.

If you like you can also add a few cloves into the boiling water to give it a different flavor.

Apple Compote


And I want to share my happiness with you. Mommy gourmetgave me a blogger award, Kreativ Blogger Award. I’m so honored. I’d like to thank her from here. I also love reading her blog which is full of recipes with sincere stories. And now I want to pass this award on some other blogs that I follow.

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2 – Oyster Food & Culture
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4 – Tangled Noodle
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6 – Sankeerthanam
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Note: I’d like to pass it on more bloggers, but some of them already got it from Mommy Gourmet.


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    I love apple compote! I haven’t had it in such a long time. Congratulations on your award and how sweet you are to pass it on to me. Thank-you!

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    Zerrin, this is so interesting – in Russia/ukraine it was also traditional to finish dinner with a compote. We were at my mom’s house two weeks ago and at the end of dinner, she served us a cherry compote. I love your apple compote!

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    Thanks, Zerrin for my first award!! i am very glad!! What do I have to do now? Copy & Paste my award on my site,!?

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    Dear Zerrin,

    Now that I have this lovely award, I will write in a few days a post about it & where did I got it from & then pass it on to 10 other bloggers? Is this info right? That is the way to go about this, is it not?

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    Thank you so much for this award, I am very excited! What an honor especially coming from someone who is as talened as you are as evidenced by the fantastic recipes you so generously share. I am so glad I discovered your writings as I gained an eduation of Turkish food I would otherwise not have had. I have learned so much already and am anxious to discover more. So congrats to you as you were recognized for the incredible work that you do.

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    This apple compote recipe is the best kind: simple and sweet! Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for sharing it! 😎

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    Thank you Zerrin! I had to search around your site because the link that you had left was back to your main page. I thought I might have been going blind because it took awhile to find this!

    I’m going to email you with some questions on the biberli — it was FANTASTIC but I would like some clarification on weight/size amounts of the peppers and onions. Thanks!

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    Hi Zerrin,
    Thanks so much! It’s a nice feeling to be recognized for you efforts. Thanks again!

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    Dear Zerrin, I made a new post with a special thanks to you, of course!!! Check it out, Zerrin!!!


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