Bread or Egg or Both

Bread or Egg or Both

Bread is the main food near other dishes on a traditional Turkish dinner table. No matter what we eat, we always have some bread on the table. Also, most people think that they don’t feel full if they don’t eat any bread. Especially when there is a stew, we love dipping a bite of bread into it.

We either make it at our homes or buy it from bakeries. But generally in our villages women make their own bread, weekly or monthly. That kind of bread can be kept long, and they are stored in a special cage. When a woman in a village informs that she’ll make some bread, several neighbors come to her house and they make it altogether. No woman make it on her own, there are always other women helping her as they make their bread monthly. And she does the same when it’s another woman’s turn.

I love tasting different kinds of bread, and creating something different from them. And on last Sunday, I prepared something for breakfast from bread slices. (You’ve learnt how much I love breakfast!). These bread slices with egg (and you know I LOVE eggs) are one of our favorites for Sunday breakfast.

Yumurtali Ekmek
Ingredients (servings 2)
•    4 slices of bread (any kind you like)
•    2 eggs
•    ½ tsp cumin
•    1tsp dried thyme
•    3 tbsp olive oil

Break the eggs in a bowl, add spices into it and beat them very well.
Put olive oil in a pan and heat it.
Dip the bread slices into the egg mixture. I should admit my slices are a bit thicker than usual, but I love them like that.  Then stir fry them in the hot oil.
Serve them hot with some cheese, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. And of course a glass of tea should accompany at breakfast.

Bread or Egg or Both


  1. says

    I’ll often have eggs and bread in some combination for weekend breakfasts – this sounds like another great combination for me to try!

  2. genny says

    …this is called french toast but with some savory spices. Here in the US, if we were to make this, we would use cinnamon, maybe some cloves. Try it like that next time to make it sweet. and eat it with syrup or jam. mmm

  3. says

    This sounds delicious, especially with the cumin. What a wonderful tradition of sharing the bread-making. It seems that such occasions, of group meal preparation, now occur only during holidays in many societies.

  4. says

    Yum Yum :)) We call this in Belgium : Verloren Brood. I love it!! I just adore your version with spices in it !! I will try this !! thanks, Zerrin!!

  5. says

    Zerrin, I think I’m going to move to Turkey. I like the description of the village women all getting together to make bread. What a wonderful thing. I also love that bottom photo … looks so good!

  6. says

    I am with the others. We eat that sweet here, but the idea of it being savory… is perfect. I am not a huge fan of the sweet version (I like it but would rather have a pastry), this sounds perfect.

  7. daniel the bread guy says

    hi zerrin!

    i want to thank you for giving a short cultural lesson before you give us your recipe. i think this is missing from most cookbooks as well as recipe websites.
    In the end you have bread on your table, but do not even know its origins.

    i am not sure i like your bread, but i will definetly try it out. especially now that i know about who is baking it usually, to have my imaginations when eating :)


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