Homemade Fresh Verjuice

Homemade Fresh Verjuice | giverecipe.com

Verjuice is a green and sour juice made from unripe grapes. It is a fantastic alternative to lemon juice. Lemon is considered as the sole source of sour juices by many people, but it is not! In the past, people used to use unripe grapes to give their salads or dishes sour flavor as they weren’t familiar with lemon. Now it is not as common as lemon, but people in Mediterranean Region and Agean Region in Turkey still use verjuice when it’s in season. They use it either in salad dressings or in dishes like okra or kisir.

My grandma had a small vineyard in front of her home, and she would prepare verjuice in bottles for winter. She would never buy lemon. As a child, I would love to snack on these sour green beads, so I would always look forward to being called by grandma to pick unripe grapes. There was no blender those times, so she would press them with a stone and then squeeze in hands. I would love to drink a bit of this highly tart juice too!

Homemade Fresh Verjuice | giverecipe.com

We went to Tire, Izmir last week and we were lucky enough to do some shopping at farmer’s market, which is open once a week. It was like a big feast for us, farmers were so friendly that they allowed us to taste first. I didn’t hesitate for a second to buy unripe grapes when I saw a lady selling it. I regret now not buying more!

As soon as we returned, I made a bottle of verjuice from the unripe grapes I bought there. Not to mash its seeds –as they make the juice bitter, I didn’t use blender just like grandma. Would you like to learn how to make fresh verjuice at home? Here is the basic form of it.

Wash unripe grapes well.

Put them in a plastic bowl and press on them with the bottom of a jar. Mash them slight

Homemade Fresh Verjuice | giverecipe.com

Put a strainer on another bowl and transfer slightly mashed green grapes into strainer.

Squeeze unripe grapes with your hands on it. Its juice pours in bowl and the rest will remain in strainer.

Pour it in bottles to use later in salads, drinks or dishes.

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Homemade Fresh Verjuice
Prep time
Total time
  • unripe grapes
  1. Wash unripe grapes well.
  2. Mash them gently in a plastic bowl with the bottom of a jar.
  3. Put them in a strainer and squeeze them in your hands.
  4. Transfer the juice into a bottle.


  1. says

    How fantastic! I’ve never heard of Verjuice but I’m so excited about it. I’m always squeezing limes and lemons onto everything, so this will be a great alternative. Now I just have to find some unripe grapes…

  2. says

    Learn something new all the time! Never heard of verjuice and never thought of unripe grapes as a source of sour…but of course! It makes sense.

    Very creative, functional, resourceful.

    Like it!!

  3. erkin says

    Zerrin, this is a perfect recipe especially for hot summer days and nights. We have to put the water and salt we lose back in our bodies.
    There’s one more thing with it: if you are a bit intoxicated, it helps you feel better and overcome the headache alcohol triggers as a result of dehydration.
    The formula is : drink one glass of verjuice for every two glasses of alcohol you consume. You’ll feel the difference.

  4. says

    I was searching for information about Verjuice which was used in a cooking show from Australia. They use a lot of this Verjuice over there but to outsiders like me, it’s difficult to find any in major shops or supermarkets locally.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe…and now I need to find unripe grapes 😀 I planted 2 grape trees in my large pots but it’s only for their leaves to make dolmades 😀 I still didn’t find any grapes grown… not even tiny bunches :-(

    Do you think any sour grapes can be use instead?

  5. Thofr says

    This is the first recipe of verjus (French) or verjuice I found. Glad I did, because verjuice cannot be bought over here and I have a lot of vines in my garden:)

    How long can I keep the verjuice and is it possible to freeze it?

    Thanks for all your great recipes!


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