Mosaic Cake

Mosaic Cake

Yesterday evening some friends called and they said they wanted to visit us the following day. We accepted without hesitating as we didn’t meet for a long time. After replacing the receiver, I started to think what to  serve them with tea. We didn’t want to go shopping to buy some ingredients at that time of the day because we just came from work. My dear husband went to kitchen and came back with two packages of tea biscuits (we use Turkish Eti Petit Beurre), and I got the message: Making mosaic cake!

The name of this cake is coming from mosaic stones. When sliced, it seems like mosaic stones. You don’t need so many ingredients for this cake, the only thing that matters about this cake is that you should wait it in refrigerator one night (at least 8 hours).  Altough it’s very easy to prepare, it has a fascinating taste and it goes very well with tea or coffee.

Mozaik Pasta Ingredients •    2 packages tea biscuits (400gr) •    100gr butter •    2 cups milk •    6 tbsp cacao •    ½ cup sugar •    ½ cup crumbled walnuts or hazelnuts •    Grated coconut for garnish Melt butter in a pot and add milk, sugar and cacao. Stir it continually and bring it to boil. It becomes like pudding.  Take it from fire and pour this mixture in a large tray to get cool.

Mosaic Cake

Crumble all biscuits in a cup and pour it on the cacao mixture before it gets cold (shouldn’t be too hot or too cold). Add walnut or hazelnuts and mix them to combine. Wait for 10 minutes so that biscuits absorb the mixture.

Mosaic Cake

When it gets cold enough, put this mixture in small bags with a spoon. Do not put all in one bag. I put it in 4 bags evenly. Then roll the bags. Put these bags in refrigerator and wait them for at least 8 hours.

Mosaic Cake

30 minutes before serving, put the bags in deep freezer to maket hem colder. After taking them out, remove the mosaic cake from the bag by cutting the bag with a knife. Now you can slice the cake and garnish it with coconut.

Our friends loved it so much that I gave them one of the bags so that they would go on eating at their home.

Mosaic Cake


  1. says

    Here we call that kind of cake a chocolate biscuit cake – I love it, though I’ve never made it for myself. Now that I have a recipe, though, there’s no excuse… :)

  2. says

    What a beautiful and clever idea! I like the name of the cake itself….but already from looking at it I am sure mosaic cake would be a success in any situation!

  3. Bela says

    In Brazil, we call that Salame de chocolate (literally, chocolate salami)

  4. says

    Hi, I tried your chocolate cake recipe yesterday but somehow couldn’t get the same result as you, my cake really wasn’t looking that good (but tasted fine). What kind of chocolate do you use? Maybe it’s coming from the flour I used, i’m gluten intelorant so I used Rice flour instead of usual wheat flour.

    • says

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t have the same result. I’m not sure about the rice flour to have a tight form, but you might add a bit more butter. Butter helps it be firm.

  5. Lydia says

    Made this yesterday for supper last night. Didn’t follow your instrutcions exactly…Instead of plastic bags, I shaped into 2 “logs” and wrapped them in plastic wrap. I don’t think they sat quite 8 hours in the refrigerator, but this is a wonderful cake and we all love it! Not sure how long it cooked, but it turned out great.I just kept cooking till it thickened up. There was also a recipe for this cake in Bonbon magazine for Turkish and American families. And I saw it on the Gonulcelen tv show I have been watching on youtube. Glad I finally got around to making it! I’ll definitely make it often! Oh, I think I used a stick of butter, less 1 tablespoon, guessing it was about 100 gr.

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