Broccoli Soup Recipe

Broccoli Soup

As you can guess now, I’m a great lover of vegetables. Especially in Winter, when I eat vegetable, I feel I’m getting more and more healthy. Broccoli is just one of them. This green vegetable is gaining more fame in Turkey day by day. It has at most a-10- year history here. Before that, it wasn’t known enough. For some years, we read and hear that broccoli has many vitamins and elements fighting with many diseases, especially cancer.

Today, almost all women in Turkey, are struggling with their husbands or children to make them eat this magical green. As we don’t have a child, my victim is my husband. I won the fight with this broccoli soup. As he is a real meat lover, he didn’t want to have such vegetables until this soup. You can’t believe; he wanted the second bowl.

Brokoli Corbasi


•    Half bunch of broccoli
•    1 small carrot
•    1 celery stalk
•    1 cup milk
•    1 tbsp flour
•    1 tbsp butter
•    2 cups hot water
•    2 cups meat(or chicken, your choice) broth
•    2 tsp salt
•    1 tsp balck pepper
•    2 tbsp cream

Wash and clean broccoli, carrot and celery stalk. Chop into big pieces.

Melt the butter in a pot and add flour in it. Saute it until golden. Pour milk in it and stir. Now put the chopped vegetables and stir for 5 minutes.

Now pour  2 cups meat broth and hot water. Add salt and bring it to boil.

After 20 minutes, when the vegetables are tender, take the pot from the flame. Puree the vegetables using a blender until smooth.

Then put the pot (if you like, change the pot with a clean one) on the flame back. Add black pepper and simmer it for 10 minutes. At this point, everyone at home should have the magical smell and come to the kitchen.

Before serving, garnish it with a tbsp cream.


  1. Rico says

    Looks like you have a white mouse in your soup…lol (just kidding is the cream). I agree with you brocoli is very important in a person’s diet, and that soup is amazingly good, looks good to. And is true brocoli is know to aid fighting cancer as to the high levels of antioxidants it has, I many times cut the darker green of the stem leaving just the white center and eat that as you’d eat a carrot.
    There are other cancer alternatives, check here:

  2. says

    My daughter just recently started to like broccoli and she loves blended soups. I haven’t thought of making broccoli soup and what a great idea! My family would love it. Great recipe!

  3. says

    I hope your sweet daughter will like this soup. Yesterday my 5-year-old nephew tasted it and ate it all without complaining. Thanks for your nice words.

  4. says

    I love that mouse in my soup :) Glad you like it, too.

    You mean you eat that stem part raw? It must be healthier as I heard that having all vegetables not cooked will be the best.

    And thank you for informing us more about cancer, the illness of the century.

  5. madalina says

    This is a sweet recipe. I use a similar one, but instead of water I add vegetable stock:)


  6. says

    Madalina, thank you for stopping by. We don’t have vegetable stock in Turkey. Is it something healthy?

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