How to Make Mint Ice Cubes

How to Make Mint Ice Cubes | | #mint #ice #icecubes #summer

Who doesn’t ike a refreshing drink when it’s intolerably hot outside? Wouldn’t it be great to have ice cubes nicely packed with fresh herbs or edible flowers? I make these Mint Ice Cubes beforehand and they are always ready in the freezer to use with the best cooling beverages like Homemade Lemonade or Watermelon drink or just with plain mineral water.

How to Make Mint Ice Cubes | | #mint #ice #icecubes #summer

These mint ice cubes keep your drink cold longer and give a very nice mint flavor, which is already refreshing on its own. It’s an amazing touch on classic cocktails. Your guests will be surprised if they haven’t seen such a thing yet. It’s very easy to make an extra fancy drink or smoothie when you have mint ice cubes. As mint is my favorite herb in cold drinks, I use it quite often to make ice cubes, but you can make other variations with different herbs or even with berries.

We grow our own mint in a pot on the balcony and it grows like crazy during summer time. It might sound weird but I do love a sprig of fresh mint in hot water at breakfast. I mostly prefer having it during winter to regular Turkish black tea, which is a staple at a typical Turkish breakfast table.

How to Make Mint Ice Cubes | | #mint #ice #icecubes #summer

So why don’t we try it in cold drinks during summer? I saw the idea of fresh mint ice cubes at pinterest once and love it! Just perfect for me, the mint lover! Have you seen my Fresh Mint Ice Cream yet? If you love this herb as much as I do, you will love this ice cream too!

We mostly have these mint ice cubes with mineral water, which is a natural underground source n our country. They are like little treasures in the drink and they look magical, don’t they?

We put one mint leaf in each square of the ice tray, but you can definitely put more. It depends on how much mint flavor you like in your drink.

How to Make Mint Ice Cubes | | #mint #ice #icecubes #summer

How to Make Mint Ice Cubes
Prep time
Total time
Fancy looking ice cubes packed with fresh mint leaves.
  • 20 mint leaves
  • Water to fill in the ice tray
  1. Fill the ice tray with water, freeze it for an hour.
  2. Leave mint leaves in each square so that they stay underneath the half ice. Freeze for 3-4 hours.
  3. Use in whichever drink you like in summer.

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