Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Cheese stuffed peppers | | #pepper #cheese #appetizer

Cheese Stuffed Peppers are one of our recent favorite breakfast foods. I’d love to thank two of my colleagues who are one of my favorite couples as they know good food and always willing to share recipes and culinary experiences with me. If you are a breakfast person like me, you must love to try new things for a big breakfast when you have time on Sundays. I just couldn’t wait the weekend to make these stuffed peppers and made them in the evening when I came back from work right after I learnt the recipe.

The result was fabulous! How couldn’t I have tried it before? I understood one more time that you can create super tasty foods with a few simple ingredients. You just need peppers, cheese and oil to fry for this recipe, but you can combine cheese with chopped onion and fresh dill or parsley if you want a tastier flavor. Thanks a million Kadir and Ozge for the recipe!

Cheese stuffed peppers | | #pepper #cheese #appetizer

You can see me happier at weekends since I can prepare appetizing foods in the morning that help everyone wake up. Did I tell you before that breakfast means happiness for me or how many times did I say this? I don’t really remember, but I can repeat this like hundreds times. Breakfast is absolutely what I need to start the day! And these cheese stuffed peppers have already become a hit at our breakfast table.

Cheese stuffed peppers | | #pepper #cheese #appetizer

It might sound weird to have these in the morning, but it is definitely not in Turkish style breakfast. When I say breakfast, I don’t mean just coffee and cake or a smoothie. We prepare lots of things especially at weekends. Savory or sweet pies, various types of cheese and olives, egg, salad, honey or jam, french fries are to name some. Personally, I love to eat all kinds of appetizers at breakfast!

I’m sure everyone has pepper, cheese, onion and some herbs in the kitchen. It’s never too late to make something fancy, go make some cheese stuffed peppers and you can thank me later!

Cheese stuffed peppers | | #pepper #cheese #appetizer

You can have these as a side dish or appetizer if you don’t feel like eating them in the morning. You will get addicted no matter when you eat them!

You can either have these plain or top them with salsa and double the joy! These can be eaten cold as well, so you can take these to a potluck or picnic or even to work.

Cheese stuffed peppers | | #pepper #cheese #appetizer


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Cheese Stuffed Peppers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Green peppers stuffed with a mixture of cheese, finely chopped onion and dill and then fried.
  • 7 green peppers
  • 1 cup cottage cheese or ricotta or a cheese of your choice
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • ¼ cup chopped fresh dill
  • 1 cup corn oil
  1. Wash peppers, cut the heads and remove seeds.
  2. Combine cheese with onion and dill.
  3. Stuff peppers with cheese mixture.
  4. Heat oil in a skillet and fry stuffed peppers.
  5. Serve warm or cold plain or with salsa.
Nutrition Information
7 peppers


  1. Charlotte Ward says

    I just found this recipe & I’m not sure what type of pepper you used. You use green peppers, is that the same as bell peppers?

    Thank you for your response.


    • says

      Hi Charlotte, I’m not sure about the English name of these peppers. I can just say that they are dark green, small and sweet peppers. You can use bell peppers too, but make sure you pick small ones. You have to use a lot more cheese in one pepper if you pick large ones. If you love hot, you can even make these with jalapeno peppers.


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