Zesty Lemon Carrot Cake

Zesty #Lemon #Carrot #Cake

Do you love carrot cake? Lemon cake? How about combining these in one cake which is so fresh with lemon flavor and so sweet with carrots? We already love Carrot Cake with Walnuts, but to make it fluffier and moister, I wanted to make it without nuts this time. Also, I thought lemon would make it refreshing, so I added its juice and zest into this so yummy cake!

Zesty #Lemon #Carrot #Cake

Turkish women love to make bread kind of cakes and they almost always make a variation besides other treats when they have some guests. They can easily make a simple and basic cake when they have even unexpected guests. I can hear that you’re asking “What is that simple cake?” Mix egg, sugar, oil, yogurt(optional), flour and baking powder and bake! That’s it! Experienced moms don’t even need to measure things, they don’t use cups or kitchen scale! They start with mixing sugar and egg and add other ingredients one by one. They taste it, and add extra sugar if needed.

Zesty #Lemon #Carrot #Cake

They decide the amount of flour by looking at the thickness of batter, if it’s creamy and sticks to spatula, that’s fine. If they have any ingredients to enrich their cake like raisins or nuts in their pantry, they add it too. Interestingly enough, their cake always rises very well! You see how easy to make a simple cake for them! And when you happen to ask the recipe, you can guess how they will reply: “I just mixed everything, that’s it!” What a clear and easy to follow recipe! I admire their instinctive method of making cake.

Zesty #Lemon #Carrot #Cake

This Zesty Lemon Carrot Cake wasn’t made with the method of experienced moms, I measured the ingredients. But I can say that I didn’t follow a recipe to make it, I decide the amounts myself. I thought I got the basic idea of making fluffy and well-risen cakes, so I decided to create my own cake! Following a few important tips, it’s impossible to go wrong! So what are these tips?

  • All ingredients must be at room temperature.
  • Mix sugar and eggs very well at the beginning.
  • After mixing all liquids, continue mixing with a spatula when you add dry ingredients.
  • Always preheat oven!

Simple steps, aren’t they?

Zesty #Lemon #Carrot #Cake

You can create your own cakes too by keeping these tips about how to make fluffy cakes in your mind!

I love to add raw lemon zest on cakes to give them extra freshness, and although this Zesty Lemon Carrot Cake contains lemon inside, I couldn’t help topping it with more zest too! This Zesty Lemon Carrot Cake has a slightly crispy crust and is super zesty and soft inside, so I will be making it again, and I hope you try it too!

I’ve posted its recipe to yummly. Please visit my guest post, Zesty Lemon Carrot Cake for Spring to find the recipe!

Note: I used whole wheat flour as always, but you can replace it with all purpose flour.


  1. says

    So beautiful and so original! I have seen many hundreds of versions for carrot cake , but never one like this! it is brilliant! carrot and lemon, how natural, why did we not think of it? instead we add heavy things to it to make it richer and heavier by the spoonful! I am trying this.

    • says

      Thank you Joumana! This cake is definitely lighter, and so tasty that you don’t need any additions like cream. I’m sure you will love it!

  2. says

    I love lemony lemon cake and love carrot cake and to combine the 2 is brilliant. I can tell by your photos how moist and delicious this is. I don’t think I will even miss the cream cheese frosting.

    • says

      Thank you Bam! You can be sure that you will not miss any frosting when you make this cake!

  3. says

    This looks and sounds delicious. I love lemon cake and carrot cake so this is my idea of cake heaven! Would really love to make some right now :)

  4. says

    What a beautiful cake and a taste of spring Zerrin! My great grandma used to bake the same way – I can cook like that but not bake. This turned out so good for making it up yourself!


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