Homemade Authentic Baklava Recipe

Making baklava dough is not that hard

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Irresistible homemade baklava stuffed with walnuts.




  1. Mix all ingredients for dough and combine well. It will not be a too soft dough. Wait it for 20 min.
  2. Divide it into three and make 16 small balls from each, so you will have 3 groups of balls, each with 16 balls.
  3. Sprinkle corn starch over them.
  4. Take one of the balls and roll it out a little using corn starch. Sprinkle corn starch over it and put it aside.
  5. Roll out 15 balls in the same way and put them on the first one sprinkling starch between layers and they overlap.
  6. Repeat the same for the other two groups.
  7. Preheat oven to 190C.
  8. Brush a round oven tray with a little oil.
  9. Now take the first rolled group and roll all of them together as big as thin as you can. Use starch when needed.
  10. Place these layers into the tray and add half of the walnuts on it.
  11. Roll out the second group of 16 layers in the same way and place them right over the walnuts.
  12. Sprinkle the rest of walnuts on it.
  13. Roll out the third group and place it over the second walnut layer.
  14. Cut it into slices with a thin and sharp knife.
  15. Melt butter and pour it hot over it.
  16. Bake it at 190C until golden, about 50 min.
  17. Let it cool.
  18. Mix sugar and water in a pot and bring it to boil.
  19. Let it boil for 15 min.
  20. Add in 1 tbsp lemon juice, boil for 2 more minutes. Let it cool.
  21. Pour the cold syrup over hot baklava and let it absorb the syrup well.
  22. Serve at least after 4 hours.

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