Unripe Fig Jam

unripe fig jam | #jam #fig | @zerringunaydin

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A scrumptious green jam with unripe figs.


  • 1 kilo (2,20 pounds) unripe fig
  • 1 kilo (2,20 pounds) sugar
  • 1100 ml water
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 4 cloves


  1. Clean the figs and take off their stems.
  2. Put the figs in boiling water for 10 minutes. After that, move them to cold water. When they're cool, squeeze them to get rid of the bitter taste. If you want, make small holes in the figs before squeezing. This can make squeezing easier.
  3. Do this again: Boil the figs for 10 minutes, then move to cold water and squeeze each one.
  4. Squeezing takes time, but it's worth it. Next, boil water (1100 ml) with sugar (1 kilo) in another pot. When it's boiling, add the squeezed figs.
  5. The figs will look normal in this sweet boiling water. Add cloves for extra taste. Let them boil for 25-30 minutes. Then add lemon juice and boil 5 more minutes. Let the fig jam cool. 
  6. Put the figs in jars and pour the sweet water over them.
  7. Store the jars in a cool, dark place. We like the jam cold, so we put it in the fridge.