How To Cut Chicken Wings Into Sections

A whole chicken wing, drumettes, wignettes and wing tips on a cutting board.

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Here is an easy way to cut up chicken wings into three sections. You will have drumettes, wingettes and wing tips after two simple cuts. Then you can use them in your favorite chicken wing recipe or store for later use.


  • 2 lbs (900 g) whole chicken wings


  1. Place a chicken wing on a cutting board skin side down.
  2. Use your fingers to locate the first ridge between the wing tip and the wingette. Using a sharp knife or kitchen scissors, cut through the joint. Discard these tips or store them in an airtight container in the fridge to make chicken stock later.
  3. Place a sharp knife just besides this ridge on the joint between the flapper and the drumette. Cut all of the way through it. Wiggle the knife a bit if needed.
  4. Use these cut wings in any wing recipe you like.


  1. A sharp chef knife works the best to break down a chicken wing.
  2. Pull the full chicken wing from both sides to see the sections and joints better.
  3. Make sure to cut the cartilage on the joints. It is the softest part of the bone and easier to cut. Don't try to cut the hard bones.
  4. Don't use a wooden cutting board for cutting chicken wings. It is not recommended for raw meat and poultry.