How To Brine Olives

Learn how to brine olives before fall ends.

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Brining olives at home is so easy. It just needs water, salt and some patience.


  • 2 pound green olives
  • 3 liters water
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt or sea salt


  1. Using a mallet or the bottom of a jar, crack the olives. If you see the pit, it’s fine. Make sure you don't damage the pit.
  2. Put the cracked olives in jars.
  3. Fill jars completely with cold water.
  4. Place a small plate or cheesecloth or grape leaves on the top as a weight to keep the olives submerged. Otherwise, olives on the top change color because of oxidation.
  5. Change the water in the jars once or twice a day for ten days or until the bitterness of olives is gone.
  6. Drain the olives for the last time when they are not bitter any more (taste one olive to understand this).
  7. Put the olives back into jars and prepare the brine.
  8. Pour cold water in a large bowl. You can decide the amount depending on your jars. You can start with 2 liters for two big jars. Add 1 tablespoon kosher salt and mix well. To understand if it is the right ratio, place an unbroken raw egg into the water. It is the perfect ratio if the egg floats. Add more salt if it doesn't float.
  9. Pour it in jars. Olives must be completely covered with water.
  10. Place a  cheesecloth on the top to prevent olives from floating on the surface of water.
  11. Keep the jars in a dark place. Ready to eat after about a week.


The nutrition facts are assumed for canned olives.


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