How To Freeze Okra

Hands holding a freezer bag filled with sliced okra.

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Learn how to freeze okra with this straightforward guide! Explore different methods including blanching and non-blanching techniques, as well as how to prepare okra for frying. Enjoy the flexibility of having frozen okra on hand for a range of delicious dishes, any time of the year.  


  • Fresh okra

For cleaning okra (a ratio of one part vinegar to three parts water):

  • white vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
  • water

You will also need:

  • Ice
  • Sheet pan that fits in the freezer
  • Resealable freezer bags


  1. Choose the best okra: Look for fresh okra that's firm, unblemished, and bright green.
  2. Clean your okra: Soak it in a mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water to remove any dirt or bugs. Rinse under cool water afterwards.
  3. Pat your okra dry: Dry okra thoroughly with clean towels.
  4. Decide how you'll freeze your okra: You can leave it whole, slice it into rounds, or bread it for frying.

For Whole Okra or Sliced Okra:

  1. Blanch your okra: Put the cleaned okra in boiling water. Boil the sliced okra for 2 minutes, small whole pods for 3 minutes and large whole pods for 4 minutes. Then quickly cool it in an ice bath (a bowl of water and ice) for 5 minutes and drain in a colander. Spread the blanched okra out on a clean kitchen towel or paper towels and gently pat it dry.
  2. Freeze your okra: Place okra on a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze for 2 hours.
  3. Store your okra: Transfer frozen okra to freezer bags. Squeeze out the air and seal.

For Fried Okra:

  • Dredge your okra. After blanching and drying, coat okra rounds in your choice of breading. We recommend cornmeal or a mixture of equal parts of flour and cornmeal seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.
  • Freeze your okra: Freeze it on a parchment-lined sheet and freeze for 2 hours. Then transfer it into freezer bags and put up your okra.

For No-Blanch Method:

  • Freeze your okra. Instead of blanching, place sliced okra directly onto the baking sheet and freeze for 2-3 hours. Then transfer into freezer bags and store in the freezer.


  • Size Matters: Before blanching, sort your okra by size. Small and large pods have different blanching times, so separating them will ensure each piece is perfectly blanched.
  • Alternative to Blanching: If you prefer, you can cook okra in a preheated oven at 300°F for 3-4 minutes, similar to blanching. Let it cool before transferring to freezer bags.
  • Blanching vs. No-Blanch: Blanching helps maintain color, texture, and flavor during freezing and thawing. No-blanch is quicker and works fine for recipes where these changes are less noticeable.
  • Storage: Frozen okra can stay fresh in the freezer for up to 12 months. While it's safe to eat beyond that point, the quality may start to decline. Always label your freezer bags with the date to keep track of how long it's been stored.
  • No Thawing: You can use your frozen okra directly in most recipes, no need to thaw.