Wrap And Roll Sandwiches

Wrap And Roll Sandwiches |

These wrap and roll sandwiches filled with feta mixture make a perfect picnic food!




  1. Saute onion in olive oil until golden and add pepper or tomato paste in it. Season it and stir.
  2. Add minced parsley and take it from fire.
  3. Mix all ingredients for dough. But don’t do this at a time. Pour the liquids little by little until reaching the right consistency. It’s done when it doesn’t stick. So you can play with the measurement for your dough.
  4. Cut it into six pieces.
  5. And make them balls. Cover them with a wet pieces of cloth so that they don’t dry when you are working.
  6. Dust the counter with some flour and roll out the balls as big as a plate about 1/6 inch thickness.
  7. Cook it on a non stick pan until both sides get brown. Be careful do not overcook it, 1 ½ minutes will be enough for each side.
  8. Take the tortilla from fire and spread 1 ½ tbsp filling on it leaving spaces on each edges when it’s still hot.
  9. Wrap it up and tighten the edges with your fingers so that the filling doesn’t ooze.
  10. Repeat the same steps for all balls.
  11. Serve them hot.
  12. You can change the filling for your taste.