Red Bell Pepper Bites

Red Bell Pepper Bites |



  1. Roast peppers in oven at 200C. Put them in a plastic bag and wait a few minutes so that you can peel them easier.
  2. Peel red and green peppers. Chop green ones roughly.
  3. Cut red ones lengthwise from one side first. Then cut them widthwise in decent sizes.
  4. Mix strained yogurt with 2 tbsp water until creamy. Add mashed garlic, salt and chopped green peppers. Mix.
  5. Stuff red bell pepper rectangles with yogurt mixture and fold them.
  6. Place red bell pepper bites on a plate, drizzle with vinegar and garnish with chopped parsley.
  7. Serve cold as a starter, mezze or appetizer on hot summer days or at parties.