Cream of Broccoli Soup Recipe

Cream of broccoli soup served in two white bowls on a wooden board.

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This is a velvety and thick broccoli soup without cream that you can proudly serve as a starter at any dinner party.



For the soup:

For the sauce:

For topping:


  1. In a medium pot, melt butter. Add in flour and cook until it gets slightly brown, stirring continually.
  2. Pour in milk and stir continually using a hand whisk so that you have a smooth mixture. Cook for 3-4 minutes or until slightly thickens.
  3. Add in chopped green onion and garlic, cook for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Pour in hot water and add in broccoli florets. Season with salt. Cook for about 10 minutes or until broccoli florets are tender. Don’t overcook though so that they don’t lose their color.
  5. Remove from heat and puree using a hand blender.
  6. Fort he sauce, melt butter in a small sauce pan, add in chili powder and cook for about 10 seconds or until chili powder gives its nice red color to the melted butter. Remove from heat.
  7. When serving, share the soup into bowls, drizzle chili powder sauce on each and top with croutons and chopped parsley.


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