Yann Tiersen Cookies

Yann Tiersen Cookies

Please congratulate me… I finally achieved to cook these yummy cookies. Don’t ask how many times I tried. I just don’t want to count. After each failure, I promised myself not to try again. However, I couldn’t help breaking my promise as I see great cookie photos on the net. I did it at last.

This morning, when I woke up, I had the same feeling: Craving for cookies! I tried to be positive as I believe in the power of positive feeling. I opened my window to get some fresh air, watched the rain for a while, turned on the music player (playing Yann Tiersen) and found myself preparing the cookie ingredients once again.

The result was great! That’s what my husband and brother said with “yummmmm!” sound effect. So how did it come?

Yann Tiersen Kurabiyeleri

•    1 cup sugar
•    1 egg
•    1 stick (125gr) butter, room temperature
•    ½ lemon, zest grated
•    2 tsp lemon juice
•    2 cups flour
•    2 tsp ginger
•    1 tsp baking powder
•    Pounded almonds and whole almonds for garnish

Preheat the oven to 180C (356F)

Mix egg and sugar until smooth. Add butter and go on mixing. The mixture should be creamy. Put grated lemon zest and lemon juice in it. Now add flour and ginger little by little and mix it with a spoon. The dough shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. Take small pieces, first roll them, then flatten.

Put the pounded almonds in a bowl. Roll the flattened cookies in the pounded almonds and put them on greased  sheet. Finally place whole almonds on cookies. And bake it for 15 minutes. When they are done, do not leave them in the oven. Take the tray out. Let them cold. And serve these cookies with a cup of tea.

You can not guess how I’m happy with them, my first success on cookies.


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    That is great! Nut based cookies are the only ones I care for. I’ve never tried making them though. What do you think you did differently?

  2. says

    Hi Katya, I think in my past attempts my mistake was the amount of flour ( either too little or too much for cookies) and the time. I used to think I should cook them 30-45 minutes which resulted in stonies (not cookies). I just couldn’t be sure if they were cooked enough.

    I learnt that when they are cooked 10 or 15 minutes, they are still too soft, but lose that softness by getting cold.

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    Those look delicious with the almonds! I have to confess to my continuously failing to make a perfect chocolate chip cookie, you are inspiring me to try again :)

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    Hi Natasha, you should prepare the positive atmosphere first; music, rain maybe a kiss from your daughter… Then I’m sure you’ll result in a perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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    Wow, these cookies look amazing. My husband loves almonds – I think he’d love these cookies too.

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    wow lovely cookies…i dont like almonds so i am going to try with pecans,will let u know the result…

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    Justine – If you love his music, you’ll certainly love these cookies inspired by his music.

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    Jouhayna- Yes, it is ginger powder in the dough. I love to use ginger powder in
    cookies and cakes.

  9. says

    salam zerrin
    thanks a lot for your visits
    am going to do your cookies soon
    thanks for your help

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