Winter Bazaar

Winter Bazaar |

This picture was taken last Winter when we went to Turgutreis, Bodrum. The bazaar in Turgutreis is famous for its organic food. Almost everything there is produced by local farmers living in small villages and you can have the chance of buying products at first hand. You see dried eggplants and peppers hanging in this bazaar. These are dried by country people, so you can buy them without hesitating. You can also find these dried vegetables in most spice shops in Turkey. If you can’t dry them yourself during Summer, you can find them here to stuff them (recipe here). So if you happen to visit Turkey some day, don’t forget to buy some of these. They absolutely have a great flavor, very different from fresh ones.


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    İlkbahar ve sonbahar olmak üzere 1,5-2 ayımı Turgutreis’te geçiririm. Yazını okuyunca burnumda tüttü. Zerrin’ciğim eğer o taraflara gidiyorsan Milas pazarını da öneririm. Bütün Bodrum pazarlarından çok daha güzeldir. Esas köylü pazarı orada kuruluyor.

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    We went to Turgutreis last year, just for a couple of hours. I wish this bazaar had been there on that day because I think we would have been there much longer!

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    I miss going to colorful. local bazaars like this. In Germany and Hawaii we visited at least once a month but there’s nothing like that around us now. Thanks for sharing!


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