Why Travel To Turkey

Why Travel To Turkey | giverecipe.com

Turkey as a holiday destination

You know Turkey is a very popular holiday destination. Milions of tourists visit Turkey every year especially in summer. People choose to take their holidays here for many reasons perhaps because of the stunning beaches, the weather or the sightseeing opportunities. Also, if you compare the cost of holidays to Turkey with other destinations then you will see that Turkey is a very reasonably priced option. One reason for visiting Turkey that you may not have considered though is the chance to sample authentic Turkish cuisine.

Many diverse cultures have influenced Turkish food and it is best described as a fusion of Middle Eastern, Western Europe and Asian dishes. Each region in Turkey has its own specific signature dishes. Northern Turkey, in particular the Black Sea region, has dishes mainly based on corn and many that use anchovies.

Why Travel To Turkey | giverecipe.com

The cuisine in the Southeast of Turkey is heavier and very different and you will be able to experiences mezzes, kebabs and well known desserts such as baklava and other dough based dishes. Istanbul, Izmir and the rest of the Aegean region generally offer lighter spiced food which is generally served with rice.

Much of the authentic Turkish cuisine that you will get to try in Turkey makes use of the local resources. Olive trees grow profusely in the West and south of Turkey and you will find that many dishes that are cooked in olive oil or use it as the main ingredient. Regions on the coastline of Turkey have many local seafood dishes often made from catches by local fishermen. In fact the cuisine in these regions often closely resembles a Mediterranean diet of simple dishes based around seafood, herbs and vegetables.

Why Travel To Turkey | giverecipe.com

If you fancy something a little heavier on your menu then head for the region of Central Anatolia which is famous for its pastry dishes such as gozleme and kashkak (keskek). No matter which region you visit in Turkey, you should no way forget to taste world wide known Turkish coffee! Waiters even ask if you would like to have Turkish coffee or tea just after you finish your food.

Why Travel To Turkey | giverecipe.com

So if you are considering Turkey as your next holiday destination or even if you are already a regular visitor here, you should think about widening your culinary horizons. Turkish cuisine is much more than just a box of Turkish Delight and sampling some authentic Turkish cuisine may prove to be a delight in itself!


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