Welcome Our Little Prince!


15th of May is the starting point of a new life for us! Our precious son, Göktürk was born on that day and we became a 3-member family! It’s already 13 days and I can’t believe how time has flown that fast! I’m still reminding myself everyday that I’m a mom! “Can you believe that?”, we ask each other! “He’s our baby!” I really can’t guess when or whether this unbelievable feeling will disappear.


The very first moment I saw my baby was absolutely unforgettable! It was like a movie scene or a dream; too beautiful to be real! My heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t decide where on his body to look! He was sleeping so innocently! He looked so fragile that as a novice mom I was a bit afraid to take him in my arms. Thank god the nurses were so helpful and they taught me how to hold his body in a harmless way.


My first experience of breastfeeding was another memorable moment. I read several articles before the delivery on how to do it, but you know theory is not the same with practice. A very lovely nurse helped two of us how to achieve it. No he wasn’t shy; on the contrary, he was so good at sucking, I think he was starving! The pain he caused on my breast was no way my concern at that moment, the only thing in my mind was to provide enough milk to my little baby. I did it better in my second try and on the second day breastfeeding became something I looked forward to. We’re having a wordless communication during it and I think his dad envies us! Breastfeeding is the only thing he is not involved.


I’m so lucky that as a dad, Yusuf is doing better than I expected. He’s even better than me! When it was time to change the baby’s first diapers without nurses, I was a bit nervous and worried. Just as I was thinking how I could do it, Yusuf started to prepare the stuff needed like cotton pieces, warm water, paper towel, diaper rash cream and new diaper. And he finished it in a jiffy! How could he know all these? He said he watched some tutorials on how to change diapers on youtube. How sweet! Göktürk is so lucky to have such a dad!


I’m sure we have a lot to learn in this long process of growing up our baby and I’m sure we will do our best!

Welcome Göktürk to your home and family!


  1. says

    OHHHH…what lovely pictures! Congrats on your new addition! I almost can feel your emotions in your post, thank you for sharing these pics with us! HUGS!

  2. vanessa says

    Oh Zerrin! I remember this time. He is so beautiful. It is such a precious time. All the best to you, your sweet husband and lovely baby!!

  3. says

    Hi Zerrin! Congratulations! You will never lose that feeling. My daughter is 20 years old and I still am in love as the day she was born! It is the best feeling in the world to have a child! Enjoy each and every moment with him! Masallah – Yeni üyeniz olan oğlunuz için sizi tebrik ederiz!

  4. Karen says

    Congratulations, he is adorable. Your love for him will grow every day and you will love him more than anything in this world. You won’t believe you could love someone so much. This has been my experience with my son. He has a place in my heart no one could fill. I think this is something only a mother can understand.

  5. shant says

    Your photography is superb..congratulations…am sure he will be taking up a lot of your time so i wait patiently for your next recipe :-)

  6. says

    You said May 15th? Hey, it’s my birthday too, really.
    Hahaha, now we have something real to share with each other, I will not forget you and your little cute boy everytime I celebrate mine.
    Congratulations Zerrin and take care.

  7. says

    Congratulations on becoming a family of 3!! Oh, Zerrin, he is beautiful! There will come a time when remembering him so small will be hard to do without looking a photos. So enjoy every moment, every step, of the amazing journey you have just begun. Lucky little boy to have such loving and adoring parents. :)


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