Wedding And Feast Season

Wedding And Feast Season |

Wedding season has already started here! Couples prefer to have their weddings when it gets warmer to enjoy it outdoors. They hire a place for their wedding which takes all the responsibility for what is needed in a wedding if they live in big cities. However, weddings are more traditional in small cities and towns where people have closer relationships.

There are several traditions about wedding in Turkey depending on regions; clothing might be different, foods or music might be different around the country. There is something common though. All relatives and neighbors help hosts of wedding, they work together from preparing foods to unpacking boxes when a couple move to their new homes. This kind of work never tires them, they do this voluntarily with pleasure. See smile on faces of these ladies? I know the idiom in English: Too many cooks spoil the broth. This is definitely not true for these dishes! Wedding dishes are always made by many people, and they always taste gorgeous!

Stuffed vegetables are generally in the menu besides several different foods including appetizers, pilaf variations, chicken and meat dishes and salad variations. Wouldn’t it be great to grab a few of these stuffed grape leaves, known also as dolmas?


  1. OysterCulture says

    Aside from the delicious cooking, wedding feasts are such a wonderful event to share the community and good will of all attendees and catch up with family and friends that it seems you never see enough of.

  2. says

    I’ve only been once to a Turkish wedding but it was at a restaurant and it wasn’t any different from other weddings.
    The traditions you’re talking about are found in the Romanian rustic weddings when everyone is gathered to make the dishes and arrange the house for the wedding. They all have this glow an their face as if they’re the groom and bride. Love these kind of wedding, too bad the restaurant versions are taking over more and more.
    have a wonderful day, Zerrin

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