We Need Vitamin E

We Need Vitamin E | giverecipe.com

What are the health benefits of vitamin E?
It strengthens immune system.
It lowers growth of Alzheimer.
It renews cells and helps them live longer.
It has antioxidant effects.
It is protective against heart and blood vessel diseases.
It reduces risk of cancer.
It is protective against cataract.
It is vital during pregnancy as it effects improvement of baby’s intelligence.
It has anti aging effect.
It cooperates with other vitamins and minerals body needs and increases their effectiveness in this way.

What are the best vitamin E sources?
Corn oil, corn, wheat, food with seeds, olive oil, soybean oil, royal jelly, fish, walnut, lettuce, celeriac, parsley, spinach, cabbage and oatmeal are the best vitamin E sources.

What should we do to have enough vitamin E?
Use olive oil in dishes.
Drizzle a little olive oil on your salad even if you are on diet.
Eat 3-4 walnuts a day.
Eat fish twice a week.
Eat greens with your meals.
Make sure you have enough fiber rich foods.
Eat legumes twice a week.
Eat at least 4 portions of fruit a day.

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