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Warm Salad | giverecipe.com

This salad is a very special one for me as I learnt it from dad. The word ‘salad’ is generally used for various combinations of raw vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, scallions and other greens or combinations of raw fruits. However, this one is totally different. It takes the name of ‘warm salad’ as it is cooked, none of the vegetables in it is raw.

This warm salad is made especially in Mediterranean region of Turkey. In rural areas of this region, people work in agriculture and in forest. Agriculture workers cultivate lots of fruits, vegetables and cereals. As for the forest workers, they are devided into two groups. Some log the full grown trees like pine to send the logs to the industrial area while the others plant new young trees in places of these logged trees to renew forests. Warm salad is so important for these workers. They usually get up so early in the morning and almost never hit the road without having warm salad as breakfast. As it is hot and spicy, after eating it, workers do not get cold while working. It is both filling and easy to digest when compared to raw salads, so workers in this region prefer it.

Dad worked in that region as a teacher years ago and he had good relationships with the people of the region. He always tells us how those people were so respectful and hospitable to teachers. There used to be one school in such rural areas, so teachers of that school were so precious for them. There were generally two or three teachers and they were always invited to a house of someone for dinner. People would always bring some products of their areas to teachers. As a result of this good relationship, dad learnt this warm salad from these people during his working years in that region and it became one of his favorite food at breakfast. I remember that he used to wake my brother and me up with the fantastic smell of this salad. Noone can resist dipping a slice of bread in this salad at breakfast. At first, one may think that this salad can not be for breakfast and it is more suitable for lunch or dinner, but it makes you addicted after the first try.

Sıcak Salata

Ingredients (serving: 4)

–    4 tomatoes
–    2 sweet green peppers
–    4 small hot green peppers
–    4 cloves garlic
–    1 tbsp olive oil
–    1 tsp salt
–    1 tsp cumin
–    1 tsp paprika

Wash all vegetables. To peel the tomatoes easily, wait them in hot water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a pan.  Chop sweet green peppers and saute them. Put the hot peppers in the pan as a whole, do not chop them. Then peel the tomatoes and dice them. Cut the garlic cloves into two. Put tomatoes and garlic in the pan, stir and cover it. After about 15 minutes, add salt, cumin and paprika,  stir and take it from heat. Serve this salad on plates and put 1 small hot green pepper on each. If you can’t eat it spicy, you may not add those spices.

Warm Salad | giverecipe.com

Preperation for Summer

As it is summer now, all vegetables and fruits start exercising to look fit. They didn’t do any sports during winter, so they gained weight and now it’s time to lose those weights. They find it so boring to exercise alone, and the clever tomato suggests doing it together. she reads on a paper that you are more successful in losing weight when you exercise with others. That’s why they decide to meet and jog together. However, it’s still not easy for tomato to jog as much as others, she gets tired easily as she is to weak to carry herself. Someone must tell her that people love her plump. (drawing by mom)


  1. OysterCulture says

    Zerrin, the warm salad sounds delicious and those taught by loved family members are doubly special.

    Maybe I have a bit of Turkish in me but I made a similar dish, I called it a side dish for some grilled meat last week. It was yummy and a great way to use fresh tomatoes.

  2. says

    It’s great to learn recipe that are handed down. I’d definitely eat this for breakfast. Delicious!

  3. says

    Something warm like this would keep your insides toasty while you worked. That would be just right.

  4. says

    Love the explication about this warm salad, perhaps not for breakfast for me but so perfect for lunch :)

    A great companion to a grilled beef!



  5. says

    Love your warm salad. Reminds me…I have a traditional spinach salad with tomatoes, toasted almonds, hard boiled eggs, and fresh sliced mushrooms all served with a warm honey bacon dressing.


    CCR =:~)

  6. says

    This warm salad sounds delicious, Zerrin! And it brings sweet memories with it, an added bonus. The cartoon was cute, and funny.

  7. says

    Your drawing and tale is so sweet and funny! I’ll be the one to assure Tomato that we lover her as plump and juicy as she can be!

    This warm salad sounds delicious and something I would happily eat for any meal. And I find it so interesting to learn about the different ideas of what foods ‘belong’ in which meals. If people were to see my parents’ breakfast in the Philippines, they would check their watches to make sure it was morning and not dinnertime! 😎

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