Wanna Get Faster

wanna get faster

I hate the broadband providers here! Our internet is sooo slow! It sometimes becomes like a torture to do something on the Internet. If you are a simple user, just checking certain websites and your emails, you may not get that angry with the providers here. However, when it comes to download or upload a picture from your inbox, you will understand what I mean. Unless the file size is small, it might take quite a long time! How I wish we had high-speed Internet here!

What urged me to write about the Internet service here is an email I received. It is explaining bt broadband deals in detail and claiming that they’re offering the best broadband service ever. I checked out their website and sighed! I’d love to give them a chance if we were living in UK.

We used to use the unlimited package of TTNET with a speed of 1 mbps when we first started our blog in 2009. It was the best package we were offered that year, but you can imagine how it was hard to upload and download files with a speed that is no better than the speed of a turtle. We wanted to have it to be upgraded next year to a better one which has 16mbps speed. We were expecting a big difference in speed of our Internet access, but unfortunately it was another disappointment for us! The company said that our area didn’t have an infrastructure supported by 16mbps! They didn’t mention it when sellling the service; what a two-faced policy! Also, they said that it was not possible to return to the service we had been using before. Who can tolerate this? We terminated our contract after all these.

We decided to change our broadband provider, but we had to move to another house for this. We moved to a neighborhood with a better infrastructure system in 2012 and signed a new contract with Kablo TV, which offers 5 mbps speed and private TV channels. Frustratingly enough, we are not satisfied with it either! We were told that the speed would be 5 mbps, but we can hardly reach even the half of that! What is the worse here, the Internet connection cuts off quite often! This definitely lets us down! We can’t work on the Internet efficiently this way! This kind of an Internet access slows us down and it takes longer to complete a post! Do we have to change our country for better Internet access? We’re expecting a brandnew deal this month, at least we were told so. Hope it will be better and faster!


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