Turmeric Renews Brain Cells

Turmeric Renews Brain Cells | giverecipe.com

Turmeric, which is also called Indian saffron, has positive effects on treatment of many diseases like cancer and lung diseases. Scientists have figured out that it coul be a hope for those who have a stroke.

An Italian newspaper reports that a group of scientists working at Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles have found out that a pigment in turmeric called curcumin could positively effect brain cells of paralysed people.
The study has been applied on animals only, but scientists find the results hopeful. They say that a new study for a medicine to cure paralysed people will start soon in the light of this discovery. This new medicine is supposed to renew brain cells which are damaged by stroke.

The color of turmeric powder is fascinating, isn’t it? I sometimes use it in breads, but must try new recipes with it.
How do you use turmeric powder?  Do you have a recipe with it to share?


  1. says

    I always throw a little turmeric in when I boil rice. It makes the rice the coolest yellow color. With that and a little garlic, the flavor is improved immensely as well. Turmeric isn’t bad in breakfast potatoes (hash browns, cubed potatoes, etc.) either. And of course it’s a must-have in Indian dishes. I’ve never enjoyed curry without a little turmeric. It even works in Mexican dishes, like fajitas and tacos.

    It’s pretty much good in anything. 😀

  2. kim says

    Many Cambodian dishes use Tumeric. I’m not too sure whether its use is for flavor or color in the Cambodian dishes.


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