Turkish Tomatoes To Russia and Netherlands

Turkish Tomatoes To Russia and Netherlands | giverecipe.com

These tomatoes are produced in greenhouses heated with geothermal energy.

Greenhouses which are heated with geothermal energy are set up in Sorgun, Yozgat (a city located in Central Anatolia of Turkey) in 2009.These greenhouses are used for tomato production without soil and their first crops have been harvested this year. It is reported that these tomatoes will be exported to Russia and Netherlands.

It is said that tomatoes, which are completely natural, can be produced despite -10 C (14 F) in these greenhouses with the help of geothermal heating system. Crops from these greenhouses are harvested in two months in Summer and in three months in Winter. Tomatoes were planted in October and they have crops this month. It is expected that there will be about 60 tons of tomatoes monthly. The land of these greenhouses is planned to be expanded for more harvest. It is emphasized that geothermal water, which is the most important source in these greenhouses, must be in the right level for this capacity increase.

It is stated that there is a big domestic demand for these tomatoes, so they have already been sent to big cities of Turkey like Istanbul and Ankara. Also, an agreement with Russia and Netherlands is made and these natural tomatoes will be sent to these countries too.

I hope this will also have a positive effect on tomato prices in Turkey.


  1. says

    We’re in a major tomato production area and our friend’s family grows them in a nearby village. Last year, the family opted to export the whole harvest to Russia because they got much more per kilo than they would have done in Turkey. Anything that helps families in agriculture in Turkey would be a good thing.

  2. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Nice to see geothermal being used to grow crops outside of the regular growing season. We get hothouse tomatoes shipped in from the west coast and I see no reason why we couldn’t do this here on the sunny Canadian prairies, though given how cold the ground gets here we might have to go the hydroponic route.

  3. says

    Eat canned tomatoes, and fresh ones in season. Eat what is in season. Preserve. The politicians in the US just voted to accept GMO beets. We need to fight that. We expect too much from the body of our planet some times.
    ps – that CAPTCHA (below) is driving me crazy here… I never get it rigth, or I submit without seeing it. Can you move it or delete it.


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