Turkish Delight Sandwiches

Turkish Delight Sandwiches | giverecipe.com | #turkishdelight #biscuit #snack #sandwich

Turkish Delight Sandwiches used to be my favorite dessert recipe as a kid. It was actually on top of the snack list of almost all kids years ago when there weren’t many options in stores for us. Big market chains were not that common and there were small grocery stores in neighborhoods owned mostly by an old, plump and friendly man. I don’t know how but the owners of such stores would look like one another. Anyway, besides plain wafers, the most popular sweet foods sold in these stores were turkish delight and plain biscuits. It was like a habit of all kids then to buy some biscuits and turkish delight and make these mini sandwiches.

Turkish Delight Sandwiches | giverecipe.com | #turkishdelight #biscuit #snack #sandwich

I know it’s not an actual recipe, but I have to share it for those who haven’t tried these amazing turkish delight sandwiches! After all, it is most probably my first recipe and I would feel really proud when I made these and gave some to my parents and received compliments from them.

Turkish Delight Sandwiches | giverecipe.com | #turkishdelight #biscuit #snack #sandwich

Some kids started to replace turkish delight with a nutella like chocolate spread called cokokrem, but it was in the late stage of my childhood. Also, it wasn’t as cheap as turkish delight, so it took some years for that chocolate spread to take the place of turkish delight in these sandwiches.

If you are looking for a quick snack to surprise your kid or your little guests, you must give these turkish delight sandwiches a try! You can even spoil yourselves with these sandwiches.

Well, nothing in this recipe is homemade, but it is still a recipe for a kid. No baking or cooking is needed for these sandwiches, so you can encourage your kids to make these. I’m sure they will have a lot of fun!

Turkish Delight Sandwiches | giverecipe.com | #turkishdelight #biscuit #snack #sandwich


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Turkish Delight Sandwiches
Prep time
Total time
A kid's recipe for a sweet snack
  • 20 plain biscuits
  • 10 turkish delights
  1. Flatten a turkish delight a little with your hands and put it in between two biscuts.
  2. Press gently from both sides.
  3. Repeat until you finish biscuits and turkish delights.
Nutrition Information
10 mini sandwiches


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    I will definitely have to try this one for my brother-in-law! Turkish Delight is one of his favorite treats. I went to Boston just before Christmas to visit a friend and stopped by the Armenian bakery to stock up on supplies before heading home. They had big boxes of rose and a few other flavors that I knew he wouldn’t like, but they had little boxes of assorted fruit-flavored Turkish Delight, so I picked one up to slip in his Christmas Stocking. He went nuts over it! I actually felt bad I didn’t bring him more. :(

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