Turkish Delight For Spring Celebration

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Celebration means turkish delight for us! It’s celebration time again! We are celebrating the first day of Spring! After tiring and cold days, it’s time to enjoy outside! A warm and sunny weather has welcomed us this morning, exactly the way we expect from Spring!

It’s not easy to wake up on Winter days, it’s darker and colder outside, so you want to stay in bed more wrapping yourself in your so warm duvet. You even need someone to pull you out of your bed! This cold and gloomy weather effects even some people’s mood. Most of my friends say that they feel pessimistic and melancholic in such a weather condition. They don’t even want to go to work. The only thing they would like is to lie on the sofa and watch a romantic movie. Are you that kind? My choice would be cooking or baking something comforting, it makes me feel warmer and peaceful inside.

So it seems like we’ve come to the end of those days! It was so bright outside this morning that we woke up much earlier, even without a need of our loud alarm clock! Sunlight flowing through the window was like inviting us to its joy outside!

Yusuf wanted to go to the market to buy something for breakfast although we had everything. I realized his desire to have some fresh air and to feel the sun outside, but didn’t say anything. I started setting the table when he was out. He came with some bags and told me that he bought something special for today. He showed me a small package of turkish delight in three colors; pink, white and brownish. There are millions of varieties of turkish delight, but I had never seen that vibrant pink one before! It is flavored with pomegranate and has big pieces of pistachios inside. The white one is flavored with vanilla and pistachio and the brownish one contains hazelnuts. The last two are coated with coconut powder.

Don’t you think these are perfect for any sweet occasion?

I wrote about turkish delight lokum before. You can get more information about in that post.

So we made turkish coffee and enjoyed these together! Turkish coffee with turkish delight, nothing could beat these!

Would you celebrate the coming of Spring too?


  1. says

    Oh does that Turkish delight look ever so delicious Zerrin! I love the sound of the pom and pistachio together. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

    • says

      Pomegranate and pistachio look and taste the best turkish delights I’ve ever eaten! You know what? We’ve just come back from a walk at our favorite park, it’s even better outside than it was yesterday!

  2. Lorna Moravec says

    This is a delightful post about the coming of spring. It feels the same here. I saw new leaves on elm trees today! Tomorrow I’monlyonly going to the farmers market which is our open air market in Waco. They only have it on Saturday morning. But they don’t have Turkish Delight. I have only heard of it in stories written by the English. It’s lovely that you think of writing these things to share with the world – thank you so much.

    • says

      Happy to hear that you loved it! I just wanted to share those positive feelings given by that lovely weather outside! I always believe that sharing these feelings makes them spread around. If there is a Middle East market nearby, I guess you can find turkish delights there. Maybe, you can also find it at some online markets too. Hope you taste it one day!

  3. says

    The highlight of my (short) visit to Istanbul was seeing the Bazaar and all the Turkish delights on display. It was such a reminder that a lot of what we do enjoy in Lebanon came from the Ottoman period. Love your photos, these look so festive and full of flavor.

    • Lorna Moravec says

      How wonderful to read in English (only language I know) about a girl from Lebanon going to Istanbul on a short trip like I would go to Mexico
      All these places are to me like a story book land. So lovely to know they are real and have good nice real people.?

      • says

        Hi Lorna! Istanbul itself is like a city from stories, everyone should see this city no matter where they live. You will be mesmerized with its atmosphere, people, shops, bazaars, foods, sea; it even has a special smell! Millions of tourists visit it every year and it’s possible to see tourists there every season of year. Maybe you will visit it too one day!

  4. says

    You are so right – when the weather gets cold and dreary, a good walk outside – even when the sun isn’t shining brightly is a mood brightener. Going to the market can be a good excuse for getting that lift. My husband and I went to a cabin for the weekend, but there wasn’t any sun the whole weekend. Instead of staying cooped up, we put the harness on the dog and bundled up and went for long walks. It wore us out, but we were in a better mood than if we stayed inside. Turkish Delights – look delightful.

    • says

      Long walks with your dog must be more fun! No matter what’s the weather like, I’m sure it helps you feel better!

    • says

      Hi Lorraine! Nuts and coconut are great ingredients in turkish delight and it gets even better with fruit flavors!

  5. Ineza says

    I lived in Izmir for 2 months and twice in a week I always lined up to buy these dulcet. I love turkish delight, I can’t find anywhere in Indonesia :(

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