Turkish Delight For Celebration

Turkish Delight For Celebration | giverecipe.com

This is the 4th and the last day of The Feast of Sacrifice for all muslims and celebration goes on. You know this feast is generally identified with meat as muslims sacrifice cattle or sheep or goat and share the meat with those who can’t afford it. You can read more about The Feast of Sacrifice in this post: The Feast Of Sacrifice And Flour Cookies.

It is a tradition here to serve something sweet to your guests just like in Ramadan Festival. You know we are in Turkey, so what food comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘sweet’? Right, Turkish delight! We serve chocolate, candies or turkish delight to guests in both festivals.

Turkish Delight Calms Upset Stomach

Turkish Delight For Celebration | giverecipe.comLet me tell you another reason to love turkish delight. I felt sick on the first day of the feast as I spent the night before throwing up. I woke up with a terrible stomach the next morning, I was still feeling nauseated. I didn’t feel like eating anything, but I couldn’t continue with an empty stomach either! Then I remembered something, turkish delight can cure upset stomach. It helps stick things in your stomach and prevent you from throwing up; your stomach gets calmer. It helps you when you have stomach ache too. I had two turkish delights and after about half an hour tried to have breakfast, I definitely felt better. I did the same for lunch and dinner and everything I ate stayed in my stomach!  As my stomach was already not fine, I thought plain turkish delight would be better.

In some regions, turkish delight is even used for  small injuries. When you spread turkish delight on wounds, wrap it with a piece of cloth and wait for some hours or days, it gets better. I haven’t tried this one, but if I have an injury, I deinitely will!

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