Turkish Cucumber Is Clean

Turkish Cucumber Is Clean | giverecipe.com

No risk for Turkey!

The outbreak in Germany is said to be caused by cucumbers imported from Spain. Hundreds of people have been diagnosed with a lethal strain of E.coli across Europe. Turkish Health Ministry declared that there is no risk of this disease in Turkey. Turkey does not import cucumber, so there hasn’t been any diagnose here so far.

Cucumbers kill people because E.coli living in them. E.coli is a bacteria, not a virus. It spreads through soil and stays in intestines if vegetables are not well washed, which  causes bloody diarrhea. Cucumber is generally eaten with its peel in Germany and if it is not washed well, it might cause this disease. On the other hand, Turks generally peel cucumber before eating, so this has a role in protection from diseases. It is always better though to wash all fruits and vegetables well. It is advised to wait them in water with vinegar for a better cleaning.

You should still consult a doctor if you have stomachache and bloody diarrhea!


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    Looks like they are having trouble figuring out where all the problems are starting. Good luck to everyone, I hope we all stay healthy, but yes, clean your vegetables.

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