Turkish Coffee Made In Coffeecups


You know Turkish coffee has a special method and it is made in Turkish coffepots. You can find its recipe here.

There is a place called Sukru Bey’s (Sukru Bey’in Yeri) in İzmir, near the exit of Kemeraltı Kızlaragasi Inn. The owner of this place, Sukru Bertan started to make Turkish coffee in coffeecups (demitasse) 25 years ago. He has served this quite original Turkish coffee to many people since then. After having this coffee inscribed, he applied for its patent to Turkish Patent Institute on March 30.

Turkish Coffee Made In Coffeecups | giverecipe.com
Mr. Bertan says that he made experiments to find out the best way of making delicious Turkish coffee. He first made it in Turkish coffeepot, and then he tried making it in special coffeecups on grill.

He expresses that the coffee made in coffeecups can not be compared to the regular Turkish coffee, it is much better to boil it on grill than on stove top. Sukru Bertan explains that the coffee is lighter and easier to drink when made with his method, but it is heavier when boiled in coffeepot.

He says he has hosted thousands of tourists from all over the world and Turkish people from various cities and they all loved his coffee. He takes his job seriously and is still working on making the most delicious Turkish coffee. He wants his coffee to get known by everyone, and be the traditional way of making coffee in future.

Sukru Bertan specified that the traditional way of  Turkish coffee is good to reach the right consistency and flavor, but it is way too slow and hard! When you make it in coffeecups, it is for one person only, the flavor is never spoiled and it keeps the warmth for a long time. You know people might have different choices of Turkish coffee, well sugared, with a middling amount of sugar, little sugared, or without sugar. So is you have guests with all these different choices, it gets harder to make it for each person.

He uses heatproof coffeecups putting 3 tsp coffee, 1tsp sugar and enough water for that coffeecup. He puts the coffeecup on grill and it is done after 45 seconds. So quick, isn’t it?


  1. says

    Oh nice! I love this post. Reminds me of wonderful things in addition to Turkish coffee (smile)…

  2. says

    Azita- This method is much quicker than the traditional method. I haven’t tasted it, yet. But I will visit this place next time I go to Izmir.

    Lisa- Oh no, did I say minutes? I have changed it now, it must be seconds. It wouldn’t be quicker otherwise. You must taste this outstanding coffee.

    Stella- I agree, this coffee is best with Turkish delight.

  3. says

    I know very well the Turkish coffee because my grandmother always made it and I’d like tasting again :)
    The coffee was served with some typical Turkish desserts mmm!



  4. says

    Bu yazı ile yarama tuz bastın sevgili Zerrin:))
    Mutfakta en zor yemekleri bile yaparım ama, şu kahveyi hiç becererem. Ne kadar kahve koysam; bazen hızlı, bazen de yavaş pişirsim şöyle istediğim gibi bol köpüklü olmaz bir türlü. Rahmetli babaannem mangalda pişirirdi, onu hatırlarım, Şükrü Bey’in yöntemi de tarifi de harika…
    Zerrincim, bütün sevdiklerinle keyifli bir bayram geçirmeni dilerim. İyi bayramlar…

  5. OysterCulture says

    Love Turkish coffee and the sense of community you have around savoring this wonderful drink. This is not a coffee I want to have by myself but with people I want to share my time with.

    Wonderful post.

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    I adore Turkish coffee. My friend, who studied in Egypt, prepared it for me several years ago, and then last year I was able to try an authentic cup in Cairo! Thank you for sharing. I’m hoping that your week is full of joy.

  7. says

    I love that different countires have their style of making coffee. Turkish coffee is definitely in my list now :)

  8. says

    Very interesting way to having coffee. I wonder if you can have your coffee cup read after this method :)

  9. says

    I love this type of coffee and haven’t had it in a while. I think I’ll make my father break out the pot when we head north in a few weeks. Thanks for the report!

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    I didn’t know the Turks had their own special coffee…that is freaking cool. Can I have a cup with a selection of pistachios and Turkish delights? :-)

  11. says

    A cup of Turkish coffee and a piece of Rose Turkish delight is the best way to start your day.
    I gave up drinking coffee almost two years ago, but I wouldn’t say NO to a cup right now since it’s just 8.30 in the morning

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