Turkish Anchovy Loved By Americans

Turkish Anchovy Loved By Americans | giverecipe.com

There is a preserved food factory in Bartin and their preserved anchovy is on top of the list of products demanded by the USA.

The factory, which is in Bartin in Black Sea region of Turkey, is called Turkili Konserve (Turkili Preserved Food) and was established in 1952. It produces 30 million preserved food in a year. It puts its products not only in domestic market but also in foreign market by exporting products to the USA, European countries, Austria, china, Middle East and African countries.

The factory produces various preserved vegetable dishes (pea, okra, green beans, stuffed pepper, stuffed grapevine leaves), meat dishes (sauteed meat, roasted meat, chicken with tomato paste, kebab with vegetable, liver stew), legumes (dried beans stew, romano beans with olive oil, boiled chickpeas), preserved fish (anchovies and bonito fish), marmalade, compote and jam in various sizes of glass and tin containers.

Serhat Corek, the factory owner, informed that they supply vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat and fish from various regions of Turkey and preserve them with modern technology. He stated that they have become a trustworthy trademark not only in domestic and foreign markets but also for body of troops. He added: “We produce in accordance with The USA regulations for imported food products. We have been exporting all kinds of products to the USA and we exported 500 parcels of preserved anchovy to there for the first time last year. Our preserved anchovy is loved there and then an American company contacted with us and demanded as many cans of anchovies as we can export. We absolutely have a large number of customers in domestic market too, so we have to work hard to meet their demand.”


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    I’m going to have to look for these (may have to make a trip south to the U.S.). I love anchovies and the stores here usually carry ones from Spain or Italy.

  2. says

    Hi Zerrin, I love pickled anchovies. I don’t know if these preserved anchovies are the same but I’ll watch out for them here. Do you use them in any particularly turkish recipe or are they eaten by themselves?

    • says

      I’m not sure if pickled and preserved are the same. We have the preserved ones as they are, but you can put them in salads, too.

  3. Karen says

    Hi Zerrin,

    I shop at an import store here (in the U.S. )and I only buy the Turkish products. I find them superior to all the others the store carries (Greek, Russian, etc.). Turkey makes the best jams, pasta, etc. and I find the olives to be the best as well. Oh and the mayonnaise is so much better than the U.S. brands. The owner of the store always laughs when I check out because I only buy Turkish brands.

    I wish the U.S. would import fresh produce from Turkey. I’d love to get some fresh cherries from Turkey.

  4. says

    Anchovies are a good source of calcium and we do eat a lot of anchovies here…cooked in chillies, add into soup for flavour and eaten with rice or just deep fried till they are crispy! They are pretty versatile in cooking! Wish I could get some your much raved about anchovies here! I have tried Turkish delights and found them to be very good:)

  5. says

    Anchovies are becoming more and more popular here. Many doctors recommend eating them for their healthy fats…and the salty taste is wonderful in pasta dishes and on pizza! I know that I enjoy them greatly…but I would love to try some of the fresh ones! Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope your weekend overflows with good food, good friends, and love!

    • says

      We don’t use anchovies in different dishes, just eat them fried or with rice. Putting them in pasta or pizza sounds like a good idea!

  6. OysterCulture says

    I always learn something new, I am going to have to be on the lookout for this brand to see if I can sample some here in SF. It sounds just delightful.


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