Tourists Gain Weight In Turkey

Tourists Gain Weight In Turkey |

It is found out in a survey in England that tourists return home about 6lb heavier after a two-week vacation in Turkey.

The survey was made by a well known weight loss company. Turkey takes ninth place in the list of the most fattening 10 countries. 2000 English people were questioned and they revealed that the U.S is on top of this list. It is found that average tourist gains 8lb during a two-week trip to the U.S.

Half of the interviewees blamed huge portions for gaining weight while the other half said that it is because of lounging around. Four in ten said that the reason is alcohol and one in five said it is due to buffet meals at hotels. Half of holidaymakers said that they realise they have gained weight after coming back. One in five understand this only when they look through their holiday pictures.

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    That’s exactly what I gained after almost a month in Turkey! The food is just too good! I was actually surprised since I was walking and on my feet all day on the tour, and I really didn’t have that much baklava, really.

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    Bet it is! That dish is crazy, looks so delicious with all those meat. I would be a part of the percentage of those who blame the gaining weight and an agree with the alcohol.

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    How funny! I always find that I gain weight when I go on vacation, especially if there is a lot of yummy food! I’m sure I would leave a bit heavier if I visited Turkey. I hope to make that happen soon!

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    I think it is because they dont walk around as much, and sit by the pool or at the beach! And please stay away from buffets and find little local restaurants :)
    My in-laws were very surprised that we do not serve coke refills from a soda machine but you get one can of soda and have to pay for the second one. That stopped the huge soda consumption right away!

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