Tomato back to normal price

Tomato back to normal price|

Welcome to my brand new category! I want to reflect anything about food and culture in Turkey on my blog, but I realized something was missing. I said to my husband: ‘I need something to fill this gap!’ He came with a great idea as usual: ‘Why don’t you share what’s happening about food around our country, Turkey?’

Yes, I was looking for something like this. So besides Turkish dishes and Turkish culture, you can also find food related news here. You will get a closer look to daily life in Turkey in this way.

So here we go…

People had been complaining about the high cost of tomato until this week. As Turkey is one of the biggest tomato producers around the world, this was not something Turkish people are familiar with. Tomato has normally two different price levels depending on  the season. It is so cheap, about 1TL or less in Summer whereas it costs more, about 3TL in Winter. However, it surprisingly became unaffordable even before Winter this year, about 10TL. So people gave up buying tomatoes and tried to get used to cooking tomato free dishes.

Authorities say that it’s because greenhouse tomatoes grew late this year. There weren’t enough tomatoes to meet people’s need, which resulted in high cost.

Good news is given at the beginning of this week. Greenhouse tomato is reported to be on the market this week, which relaxes everyone. It costs around 5TL, which is still high but not as it was a week ago.

I hope it continues going down as tomato is one of the ingredients we can not leave.


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    interesting news… tomatoes are big in our house so would not like the idea of price increase.

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    I like the idea of sharing local foodie news. Tomatoes can be precious here too in the winter, but they don’t taste as good coming from a hot house. Summer tomatoes from the garden are the best ever.

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    Tomatoes in Chicago only taste good in the summer, when you can buy the tomatoes that are locally grown or from your garden. Greenhouse tomatoes have no taste, so I don’t buy them in the winter,

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    Had to look at your post when I saw your tomato headline on Foodbuzz.

    Not sure where you’re based but here in Fethiye, tomatoes rocketed to 4.5 lira a kilo (still a lot less than you’re paying!). This is unheard of here as it’s a huge tomato growing area. We spoke to a friend who said there’d been a disease (something to do with butterflies?) but that the next batch is out now. They were back to a more reasonable 3 lira a kilo on the market on Tuesday.

    Hope you get your decently priced tomatoes soon – and look forward to more of your Turkey posts! :)

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    Yes, food in the news is a very important subject and category, especially with all the food borne illness lately with processed foods and produce.

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    Very interesting, Zerrin. Here, there is no comparison in the taste between summer and winter tomatoes (summer tomatoes taste like heaven and winter tomatoes taste like mealy mush!). Is it the same in Turkey?

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    How interesting! We eat tomatoes all the time so I would be very sad to not be able to purchase them as cheaply. I hope that the price goes down!

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    İyi bir konuya değinmişsin Zerrin.
    Tuta hastalığı bu sene bütün domatesleri çürüttü. İnşallah seneye de yine böyle birşey olmaz. Tam domates aylarında pahalılık bir yana, bulup domates bile yiyemedik. Sevgiler.

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    Adelina- We use tomatoes very often and high prices do not allow it.

    Pegasuslegend- I like them, too. Thank you!

    Diana- I agree, summer tomatoes always taste the best. But it’s difficult for me not to have any tomatoes in winter. I love to use it in most of our dishes.

    Gera- Looking forward to seeing summer tomatoes back!

    Becky- You are doing the best by not buying tomatoes in winter. Maybe I should do the same.

    Turkey’s for life- I heard that disease too, but don’t know what it is called. They say that its price will go down to 3TL or 2TL here in Eskişehir, too.

    Cajun Chef Ryan- Glad to hear that you love my new category.

    Faith- Summer tomatoes taste great and it’s hard to feel its flavor in winter, they are tasteless. They are like apples, no real juice in it.

    Monet- I hope it’s cheap and tasty every time as it is in summer. That would be perfect!

    Dokuzuncubulut- Hastalığın adını bilmiyordum. Katkınız için teşekkürler. Domatesin değerini millet olarak bir kez daha anladık. Yazın gelmesini sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum.

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    I work in a hotel and we had to serve breakfast with no tomatoes. Price is starting to creep down now, but still not as cheap as they used to be. A lot of Turkish cuisine has tomatoes in it so they need to hurry up and get the price back down.

    PS – While we are on the subject, they includes red meat!

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    I can’t imagine how I’d manage if I tried to give up tomatoes. They are one of the things I buy every single week. They go so well with everything.

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