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Tips On Egg |

It is reported that eggs may go off if they are kept at room temperature. Eating such eggs may result in allergic reactions, digestive disorders, even in microbiological problems.

There is a notice about egg and egg products in Turkish Food Codex, which determines all phases in the process from egg production to its consumption. This notice emphasizes that first class eggs, which are defined as eggs served directly to people’s consumption, must be sealed with its company name and coop number. Also, their weight and charactersitics must be written on their labels on the same side with product name. The notice says that their expiration date must also be given on their labels.

The notice also says that first class eggs must be kept and carried at 5-12 C. Therefore, eggs that are without labels and kept at above 12C have a high risk of going bad.
How To Understand Fresh Egg

When you break egg into a pan, egg white of a fresh egg spreads like jelly with an about 7cm thickness while its yolk is of about 1.5 cm height and it mustn’t be easy to blow the egg yolk up. If the egg is not fresh enough, it flows like water when broken into a pan and it may have a disturbing smell. This kind of eggs do not have any nutritional value at all.

When it is considered that a healthy diet contains one egg a day, people must be more careful when buying eggs. They should buy eggs that are kept in refrigerators at supermarkets.


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    In America…eggs are ALWAYS refrigerated. I remember how shocked I was when I traveled to Europe for the first time. Thanks for sharing another great post with me. I hope you are having a week of family, friends and love!

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    In Ireland, supermarket eggs are not refrigerated and generally not very good at all. I tend to refrigerate them at home but take them out of the fridge about an hour before using for sponges and baking in general. From time to time I have a supply of free-range eggs from my mum’s neighbour and the difference is remarkable.

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    Love your foodie report! GREAT STUFF! Did you know that a farm fresh unwashed egg can stay on the counter until eaten without refrigeration? Apparently there is a coating around the egg that seals the interior and protects it.
    But, whoever gets farm fresh unwashed eggs, I know.

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    great info, I always keep my egg in the fridge, we have horrible humidity here..i can imagine how it could disrupt the egg


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