The Magical Fruit

The Magical Fruit |

I’ve always found pomegranate as the symbol of fruitfulness. Isn’t it so magical? Who can imagine that there are plenty of precious seeds in this dull looking fruit as a whole? I used to love playing with these red ‘beads’ as a little child. Mom says that she was fed up with working on hard to remove stains on my clothes. Believe or not, I used to love the color of its stain too!

Some people may find it difficult to eat pomegranate, they even need a tool for this. Not true for me! I just divide the whole fruit into four and gnaw them one by one holding a large bowl under my chin. Does it sound disgusting? But I love feeling the sound they make in my mouth and the sourish flavor even if its juice flows down on my hands. And I absolutely love to use these fantastic seeds to garnish dishes. You can see examples in the following links:

Baked Pears
Chestnut Cup
Gullac Ramadan 3
Meat on Boat
Fruit And Cheese Pie
Noah Pudding
How do you like your pomegranate?


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    i love this fruit myself! i remember that my late grandma has its tree in front of her house when i was a little girl. and i picked the fruit myself since the tree was not so high and eat it then and there! brings back memories ^_^

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    Beautiful photo, Zerrin! Pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits also…I love to use the arils to top salads!

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    Yes I love this beautiful fruit. I love it as a snack while reading or watching TV. I just pick one by one and throwing them into my mouth. Love the crunch 😀


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