The First Sprinkler System in Vineyards

The First Sprinkler System in Vineyards |

The first sprinkling system is set up in Manisa, the center of vineyards in Aegean region.

Turkey is among five big grape producers around the world. Its yearly production is about 3,5 million ton and ¾ of this production is from Manisa. Sudden climate changes in Spring cause fluctuating temperature, which possibly results in frost in vineyards.

Producers in Manisa have taken action against frost in vineyards, which damaged a high amount of their produce last year.

The first sprinkler system of Turkey is set up in Alasehir, a town of Manisa upon experts’ statements saying sprinkler systems can be the best solution to prevent frost in vineyards.

Producers aim at preventing product loss with this sprinkler system, which is applied in a vineyard for the first time. They demand for financial support from government now to spread this new irrigation method.


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