The Best Turkish Beans

The Best Turkish Beans |

The most favorite beans in Turkey get a trademark.

These dried beans which are grown in Ispir, Erzurum are hit for everyone as they rise when soaked, cook fast and don’t leave their skin when cooked. These are the qualities everyone looks for in dried beans.

They get the name from the city where they are produced and called Ispir beans. Union of chambers of merchants and craftsmen in Ispir applied to Turkish Patent Institute to get all rights of Ispir beans reserved and it will be put on the market with this name as a trademark next year.

It is going to be packed with a logo in Ispir and put on the market around the country. This will prevent pirate marketing. Those who sell beans by using the name of Ispir will have to defend themselves on the court as it will be considered as crime.

It is reported that production of Ispir beans will be doubled and increased to 600 tons yearly.

Dried beans are more preferable when cooked with meat. You can find the recipe here.

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