The Beauty of All Seasons

The Beauty of All Seasons |

We are all looking forward to seeing fragrant tomatoes at markets in Summer, aren’t we? Tomatoes in Winter are so tasteless that I don’t feel like using them in dishes. We can’t do without tomatoes, but we don’t want to feel that blandness in Winter, either. It’s not an insolvable problem! To make it tasty in all seasons is in our hands; we can do it either by preserving or by drying.

So it is a good idea to preserve them in Summer when they are still fresh and tasty.

Another great idea is to dry them. Look at these sun-dried tomatoes! Aren’t they so lovely?

Tell me what you would like to make with these?


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    Mmmm, we buy sundried tomatoes all the time from the spice market in Fethiye. We use them in pasta dishes. That photograph is really pretty. Reminds me of the sundried tomatoes in Fethiye. In the UK, we had to buy them in jars with brine – not good and very expensive!

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      I can imagine how beautiful they are in Fethiye too. And pasta with sun-dried tomatoes are fantastic! I sometimes prepare a sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and mince to serve on pasta.

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    I love sun dried tomatoes with ventresca tuna (belly), olives, capers, green beans & hard boiled eggs – Scrumptious!

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    I’ve been wanting to pick up a pkg of sun dried tomatoes to stuff in a chicken breast. Oh how I would love to take a scoop of those beauties!


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