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Have you ever heard of a soup against cancer? İsmail Çelik, the head of Department of Preventive Oncology of Hacettepe University, pointed out the importance of diet to protect our body against cancer. The professor advised people to eat what they learnt from their grandmothers, not from TV programs. He highlighted that diet of people in Anatolian culture is quite healthy. He said that Tarhana soup, which originates from ancient Anatolia, contains several ingredients against cancer. Tarhana was eaten at all three meals in Anatolia and it is one of the soups with the highest nutritional value. This soup is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and lycopene. Check out my post, Homemade Remedy for more information on tarhana.

You can add chickpeas, lentils or mince into this soup when boiling to increase its nutritional value even more. You can even saute tomato and pepper and add it to this soup. The most important ingredient when making soup for me is garlic. Amount of garlic is up to your taste, but I use four or five mashed garlic cloves in this soup.

Its glycemic index is lower than white bread and it is more filling, so it is recommended in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. It is also a nutrious soup for babies!

On the other hand, the amount of Vitamin C tarhana contains is very little as it is a dried soup and vegetables loses vitamin C when dried, so it is better to pair this soup with green salads.

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