Target Market of Turkish Dried Fruit

Target Market of Turkish Dried Fruit |

Turkish Dried Fruit Exporters Union has chosen China, India and Russia as the new target market of Turkish dried fruit to reach an export of $5 billion in 2023.

Turkish Dried Fruit Exporters Union, which determines the production and export policy of especially seedless raisin,  dried apricot and dried fig, determined its path for 2011. Chariman of the union stated that they finished the year 2010 with an export of $1.250 billion and they now aim at increasing this amount to $5 billion. He added, “We have long term projects besides our short term targets. And we have determined new markets to reach our aim, $5 billion worth of export in 2023. We are planning to hold an organization of sector-specific trade committees in China, India and Russia, which make the first chain of our new target market. Population of these countries make %35 of world population and we are going to introduce healthy Turkish dried fruit to people of these countries.”

The chairman also claimed that packing has an important role in attracting consumers to dried fruit. And he declared that they have decided to hold a packing design contest around Turkey. He said, “We haven’t had enough interest in paking design of dried fruits in Turkey until now and we expect that this contest will have a big contributition to the image of Turkish dried fruit sector.”

I think dried fruits are the best snacks, so I hope they can achieve their aim.


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    I loved seeing those baskets of dried fruit! How pretty. I adore dried figs and apples. Thank you for sharing yourself with me tonight. Your words and photographs always bring me joy.


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