Tangerine Jam On The Market Soon

Tangerine Jam On The Market Soon | giverecipe.com

Have you ever tried tangerine jam?

The chairman of Citrus Producers Union in Bodrum, Mugla gives a good news to those in search for new flavors. He declares that they will produce tangerine jam and put it on the market in jars with the amount of 450g in December.

Bodrum is a town of Mugla, which is famous for its orange, lemon and tangerine. And Bodrum tangerine has such an outstanding fragrance that you can easily distinguish it from other kinds. My officemate brought a few Bodrum tangerines last week and we enjoyed eating them during a break. After about an hour, during another break, a collegue of us asked if we had tangerine just as she stepped in our office. She even asked “Is this a different one? Never had a tangerine with such a fragrance before, this is so strong.” Can you believe that it still smells in the room even after an hour? And its jam is only made in Bodrum, a place which is also the most popular tourist attraction with its untouched bays in Turkey. This jam will appear at markets soon!

Tangerine Jam On The Market Soon | giverecipe.com

The chairman, Mahmut Kocadon states that they produced five thousand tons of tangerine last year, 85% of which was fragrant, aromatic Bodrum tangerines and 15% of which was satsuma and quinine tangerines. He says that there is also lemon, orange and grapefruit production in Bodrum and he adds that they will reach to the same amount of crop this year. He explains that tangerine jam will be put on the market next month. The jam is made from whole tangerine with its peel on. He says “We produced in small amounts as a testing, and the result was great. We are going to produce fifteen thousand jars of tangerine jam. We are planning to sell these in Bodrum and to big markets.”

I wonder if this jam has ever been made in another place around the world. Do you know any?


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    Bodrum’dan dönerken bir arkadaşım bahçesinden toplayıp vermişti tazecik mandalinalardan. Burada hangi arkadaşıma versem tadı ve kokusu için aynı yorumları yaptılar. Hatta çok yeşil ve daha miniklerini orada cin-tonik diye satıyorlar. Buzlukta saklayabiliyorsun. Cin-tonik içerken içine bir dilim attağında kokusu etrafı sarıyor mis gibi…
    Ama bu reçeli ben de senden duydum şimdi çok merak ettim. Eminim tadı muhteşemdir…

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    This sounds like a interesting jam recipe. I haven’t try tanjerine jam before. Sound really yummy :)

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    Gera- Never had orange jam. Wish I had the recipe of tangerine jam, then we could try it.

    Marla- I’m so curious about this jam and I will share it if I happen to find its recipe.

    5 Star- I will buy and share my ideas if we see it at the markets here.

    dokuzuncubulut- Kokusu ve aroması gerçekten de kendine has. O cin-tonikleri ben de görmüştüm, doğru. Şimdi siz söyleyince hatırladım. Minik, sevimli yeşil toplar. Eminim cin toniğe farkedilir bir tat veriyordur. Bakalım bizim buralardaki marketlere de gelecek mi reçeller merak ediyorum.

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    I had an amazing tangerine jam in Lebanon (in Tyre) this past summer; the fruit was whole and was cooked in a light syrup; I vowed then and there to try it but of course I am still looking for the best tangerines for this project! I would love to try the jam from Bodrum; hope they export it to Lebanon !!!

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    I love anything tangerine. Open the peel and the fragrance entices. I have had tangerine jam – made by a producer in CA that was outstanding – but it only seems to come in the holidays.

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    Tangerine jam? My mouth is puckering with anticipation. I would love to try that! Maybe sandwiched between two cranberry bread and the french-toasted…

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    I have never heard of or tried tangerine jam, which is a shame because it sounds so very good! I will have to keep my eyes open for it now. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great week!

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