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Sunflower Seeds |

Here is my newest discovery! These shelled and roasted sunflower seeds have been seen at markets for a few years in Turkey. And they are still not very common, you cannot find them easily at every market. This might be the biggest reason why they are pricy, or maybe because it’s not easy to shell (is that the right word?) them.

I went to market to buy shelled pumpkin seeds, but I couldn’t find it at the biggest super market in our city, so these were my only choice. I bought them to use in a homemade bread. I’m planning to make and post it soon. Before bread, I’ve used them in salads several times so far. And it was great in salads! My husband says it is like a surprise when you feel a sunflower seed in your mouth among herbs. It seems I will use them often. So I may need to buy another package for my bread.

Do you know any other ways to use roasted and shelled sunflower seeds?


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    They give nice flavour and texture when added to hummus and falafels as well. Eating them just like that is quite addictive too.

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    I just pulled out a loaf of sunflower bread…so very good! I love snacking on these, adding them to yogurt, and baking with them too! I hope you are having a happy and hopeful morning. Many blessings as the week unfolds!

  3. megi says

    I love sunflower seed bread, I am looking forward to your recipe! I usually add toasted ones to the dough and sprinkle the raw ones on top, though I find what gives the bread an amazing sunflower seed taste is adding ground toasted sunflower seeds when I mix the dough.

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    I saw a recipe for a sunflower seed quick bread that has been on my must bake list for awhile now. Thanks for the reminder! :)

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    Çekirdek tanelerini salata ya da ekmeklerde kullanmayı ben de seviyorum. Kattığı lezzet kadar görüntüsü de çok hoşuma gidiyor.

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